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Favorite Kid Quotes of the Week

Andi (now age 6!)

Juli (Andi's mom): We're going to see Erin Ann in a few minutes, so you will have to say goodbye to your friend.

Andi (to her friend): We're going to see my fairy godmother, so you have to go home soon.

Friend: You have a FAIRY godmother?

Andi: Not a REAL fairy. But she's a godmother, and a nice one, and she has a cat.

Friend: Okay.

Porter (now age 4!)
Aunt Erin (to his mother one the phone): Can I talk to Porter? I want to tell him happy birthday.
Natalie: We can try. (pause) Porter! Come talk to Aunt Erin on the phone. She wants to tell you happy birthday!
Porter: No! Not again! Don't make me do it!

Porter (practicing his alphabet): L is for elephant...

My Return to Writing!

It has been such a busy week (see below), but you knew that already. One of the things I was working on was a story for Meridian Magazine about the Nie Nie Story and Mindy. Much to my surprise they gave my story top billing!
It has been a really long time since I did any real writing. I hope you'll go over and check it out. I think I have the writing bug back. I may even return to writing professionally. We shall see.

Trying to Get Organized

I have a huge announcement to make.
My living room is clean.
So is my kitchen.
And in a few minutes, the oven will even be clean. (I have a massive fume headache to prove it.)

But my bedroom is a disaster.

Here's the thing. I have a fairly decent sized bedroom for such a small apartment. In it I have a queen size bed, dresser (that I refinished), lamp table, and this lovely antique bench that sits at the end of the bed. I love this bench. It serves no real purpose. You can't sit on it. It's just a pretty dust catcher.

It's also a clothes catcher.

Depending on the day it is a clean clothes catcher, other days it's a dirty clothes catcher. No matter the day, it's covered in clothes. I am starting to think there are more clothes on the bench than there are in my dresser.

And let's not forget I'm getting ready to move (in 21 days for those who are counting). I've been randomly piling, stacking, and in general just throwing things in my room and calling …

Win $500 in free travel from

(There are days when it amazes even me how many other places I can plug in a day!)

Want to win $500 in free travel? (sidenote, if you are a blood relative to me, you can't win. or if you are juli. the rest of you are eligible.)

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Mindy, Nie, and Me

Today we take a departure from the usual blogging activities to welcome several new guests and readers over. I guest blogged today on Mindy Gledhill's blog. And as a result, I'm expecting a few new visitors over here today. And they are here to find out more about my friendship with Mindy, and why I care about "Nie." Three years ago I was going through a rough spot. I had just suffered a personal heartache I can't explain here. My testimony was shaken to the core and I convinced myself to take a break from religion. I was a few weeks into this decision someone encouraged me to attend a musical performance. I was told it was the Prophet Joseph's life and ministry set to country music. My first instinct was, “Um, NO!” But something stirred inside me to get up and go anyway. That simple decision in the midst of heartache has made a tremendous difference in the next 3 years. I attended a performance of what I now call the “Joseph Show.” My life was changed. My br…

We're Live On-Air With DUE WEST!

For the past week or so my favorite Due West boys were here in Utah playing gigs up at the Sundance Film Festival. Thanks to my crazy life I wasn't able to make it up there to see them. This was disappointing both for me and "Little." But we found out there would be one last chance to see them on Friday morning- but only if Little could miss the first hour or so of school. Conveniently, her mother and I both agreed that our little straight-A student could handle missing school for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What was the opportunity?

Hanging with Due West at the radio station while they did a few live numbers on the air!
It must also be said we had the complete enjoyment and pleasure of partaking of the breakfast burritos provided by Bella's Mexican Restaurant! Whenever Due West shows up on the Eagle, Bella's makes the trip down from Ogden to feed our boys! We love Bella's! It was fun to see the boys. They greeted Little just like she's one of the re…

Return To Erin Mountain

Don't ask me what the title of this post means. I was trying to be creative and inventive in how I say that by getting back to a more chaotic lifestyle, I'm getting back to being me. And something about how climbing huge mountains of work each day. Or something like that. But that made for a really long post title, so it just came out, "Return to Erin Mountain."
I don't know why.
So things are crazy again. In a very good way!
I had my first intake interview with the foster care system. I was deemed "ideal and perfect" for fostering! Now I start taking classes - next week- for four weeks! 32 hours in how to be a foster parent.
Aye yi yi.
And then we do the home inspection, criminal investigation, and fill out hundreds of pages of paperwork. But that's okay. I'm ready for it.
Speaking of these children I don't yet have, I found a home for them to live in today. In the post below I called it the Plan E house. Ignore what I said before. I still don…

Return of the Happy Dance- Awww Yeah!

"Putcher Hands Up!"

I think I just got Wooted.

A few days ago my mother and I were discussing the size of the house I wanted to rent. She pointed out I would have a lot of work ahead of me to clean and vacuum such a big house. My reply? "Ooh, I can finally justify getting a Roomba!"  Later that same day I put up the same thought on Twitter. You can even see where I said it right here.
So today when I saw the Woot was a Roomba, I was pleasantly surprised. Although, I am saving up for the deposit on the house still, and therefore, I can't afford a Roomba quite yet. (These foster kids I don't have yet are getting very expensive I tell you!) But I love to read the humorous Woot product descriptions, so I read it anyway, knowing I wasn't buying.

And then I saw my name. And all I thought was, "Oh wow, I wonder what kind of coding they did to put people's twitter names on their page like that?"

A minute later I got an email from someone saying, "Hey, you might want to check out Woot today."

I …

Quick Update

Thank you to everyone who left me encouraging comments about fostering and even about dating. I appreciate them all. I'm still several months away from being approved and getting kids. But it is still something that I think about regulary and obsessively. Your support means a lot.

On the housing front!
I applied for the beautiful big house that I was hoping for. And I even got approved for it. But they are just going to "hold" my application to the side for a while, cause they are hoping someone else will come along and want it sooner. I can't move till mid-February, and they claim to not have the "luxury" of waiting that long to find a renter.
How they plan to find a renter with nothing more than a sign in the window and without advertising it anywhere is beyond me. But I suppose that works to my advantage, right?
So I've moved on to the Plan D house. Oh yes, Plan D. I've gone through that many houses in the last 3 weeks! I placed a call to Plan D …

Foster Parenting, Dating, and Whatever Else I Feel Like Saying

Thank you to those of you who figured out that yesterday's "day in history" post was a joking reference to my birthday. Or the anniversary of my 29th birthday, if you must.

Well, the application has been turned in on the house I want. There is a good chance I won't get the house because they don't like my proposed move-in date (they are hoping to find someone to move in sooner than that), and they don't like my cat on their brand new carpets. But I went ahead and applied anyway. So now we just sit and wait and hope for the best.

And sit around and think about all the other things going on!

Like foster parenting.

I find myself constantly having to explain this, so I'll put it on the blog one more time.

My personal reasons for becoming a foster parent isn't so much that I want to be a mommy. In fact, that's only a very small portion of it at all. So small that it wasn't my original intentions, but something I came to realize would be a by-product of …

On This Day in History

1706 Statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston.
1806 Thomas Jefferson's daughter, Martha, gave birth to James Madison Randolph, the first child born in the White House.

1893 Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, died in Fremont, Ohio, at age 70.

1899 Gangster Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

1945 Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.

1945 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews, disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody.

1946 The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting.

1961 In his farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the rise of "the military-industrial complex."

1966 - A B-52 carrying four H-bombs collided with a refuelling tanker. The bombs were released and eight crewmembers were killed.

1975 The first-born daughter of Maurice and Alicia McBride was born in Washington, DC.

1977 Convicted murderer G…

Decision Time

You know how I suck at making big decisions? Oh, you don't? Well, I do. I'm incapable of making large decisions, particularly financial ones.

Which is why house hunting is nearly crippling for me!

This time I'm not just moving for me and trying to find a fun apartment that fits into my budget. No, this time the budget isn't the big detail. This time it is knowing that the right house is a key detail in my overall master plan. The plan that includes becoming a foster parent, and picking the right house out for that. And this time I need to pick out a home that will also be comfortable and appropriate for working from home full-time.

Oh how my life has changed. When I moved to Murray last year I picked out my current apartment under pretty much worst circumstances ever. Remember how I had 30 kidney stones, spent half my life stoned on Lortab, and then got the flu and spent a day in the emergency room? Yeah, I picked my apartment out the next day. I'm still convinced …

Confessions of a Random Nature

Confessions of a random nature:

1. I've never really understood how life vests work.Maybe that's because I've never found a life vest that comfortably fits.

2. Despite taking accelerated classes in English, history, and music in high school, I also took remedial chemistry. When I say my brain just can't do science, I really mean it.

3. I'm addicted to the TV shows LOST and Battlestar Galactica. I'm considering not watching American Idol this season because I'm too busy to have that many addictions. (Because I'm also addicted to House, Chuck, Bones, and Pushing Daisies.)

4. I have yet again managed to give myself so many outside projects that I can't decide where to start. And therefore, I do nothing.

5. I still have a crush on the Cute Blushing Boy in spite of the fact that he hasn't given me much to work with lately.

6. I have serious writer's block tonight, which is not good considering how many things I should be working on.

7. I'm al…

It's All About Family

Without going into much detail, I'll just say that over the last few days I've really started to understand that in the end, it's all about family. And I'm grateful for the family I got!
They may drive you crazy, and they may make you cry. But it's only because you love them.

A few more rants and complaints

Last night I was doing absolutely nothing unusual on my computer when suddenly got the blue screen of death. This would be my brand new computer I bought at Black Friday just 7 weeks ago. And now suddenly my laptop is on its way back to HP to be replaced. My brand fricking new computer is getting replaced. Why? "Bad series number." That's what they told me. HP knows full well they manufactured a defective series of computers. They knew I owned one, they even knew my address and phone number when I called. And yet they were not proactive about contacting the customers to get these problems fixed. No, they wait until we have our documents, music, and photographs on our computers, and then let us just them lose it all when our computers inevitably crash.
Needless to say I am pissed.
Hopefully my old dinosaur of a laptop (that has major issues, which is why i bought the new laptop in the first place) will hold up until the new computer arrives in 7-9 business days. Let's…

Adventures in Sleepwalking

My first undeniable sleepwalking experience was when I was 12 years old. I can still remember that night in a strange, dream-like way. I had been babysitting next door and it was my first post-midnight babysitting job. I wrote a letter to a friend while I was there. (Back in the days when we still hand wrote and mailed letters.) I came home and went to bed, excited to be flying out of town the next day. Shortly after going to bed and falling asleep, I got up, put on shoes, found the letter, walked out of the house, went to the neighbor's mailbox, put the letter in, and even put the flag up. I then went to the house I had been babysitting at and knocked on their door. They didn't answer. I went back to our house, but couldn't get in because the door had locked behind me. So I opened up our garage door (which apparently wasn't locked), and went to sleep on the huge 20 ft trampoline that was in there. (We had just moved and didn't have a fence yet, so we couldn't …

More Amusing Conversations With My Favorite Kids

On the phone tonight:
erinannie: Are you coming to my birthday party next week?
6 yr old Andi: Will Bosephus be there?
erinannie: I guess you can see the cat if you come.
Andi: Ok, if I can sit by him.


Little (age 11): Did I tell you I can't sing the song I wrote for the Rock Star Competition? (a fun after school activity she really really wants to participate in)
erinannie: No! How come?
Little: Because Mean Girl* says we're not allowed to sing any songs with questionable lyrics.
erinannie (stunned and shocked): WHAT? Your song doesn't have any questionable lyrics!
Little: The judges won't know it. They've never heard it before.
erinannie: Right, which is why you should sing it. You'll get extra points for doing your own song!
Little: But, Erin, Mean Girl said no questionable lyrics.
erinannie: There are no questionable lyrics in that song!
Little: But they don't know it!
erinannie (long pause): Wait, what do you think "questionable lyrics"…

Dismissed Without Prejudice

I wish I had good news to share. I wish instead of trying to explain the very stupid judgment that was handed down today I was posting the best happy dance video ever. But I'm not.
Small Claims Court was very interesting. My friend and former co-worker, Sara, was there with me. We heard cases from someone who parked in a handicapped spot in her apartment complex and got towed, but thinks the complex should pay for it because there wasn't enough parking (she lost), to a boyfriend and girlfriend fighting it out over who owes who what. The judge seemed very reasonable. We thought I had a good shot.
But the defendant didn't show up. Her lawyer did. I was very worried about what that could possibly mean. I was never given a chance to explain my case. Instead before anything else could happen her lawyer made a motion to dismiss because apparently I have a case open against her with the Utah Wage and Labor Commission.
This was news to me.
Yes, I opened a case against her back in …

Dismissed Without Prejudice

I wish I had good news to share. I wish instead of trying to explain the very stupid judgment that was handed down today I was posting the best happy dance video ever. But I'm not.
Small Claims Court was very interesting. My friend and former co-worker, Sara, was there with me. We heard cases from someone who parked in a handicapped spot in her apartment complex and got towed, but thinks the complex should pay for it because there wasn't enough parking (she lost), to a boyfriend and girlfriend fighting it out over who owes who what. The judge seemed very reasonable. We thought I had a good shot.
But the defendant didn't show up. Her lawyer did. I was very worried about what that could possibly mean. I was never given a chance to explain my case. Instead before anything else could happen her lawyer made a motion to dismiss because apparently I have a case open against her with the Utah Wage and Labor Commission.
This was news to me.
Yes, I opened a case against her back in …

Bring it on

In just a few hours I will have my first real live court experience. What I may not have is any closure or resolutions in the on-going 5 months battle with a former employer. But at the very least I will know that I did my best to do what is right and get what is owed me. This entire situation has been incredibly tedious, annoying, and at many times, confidence shattering. Having someone lie to you and threaten you over and over again, including making horrible accusations regarding your friendships. Even in the best of times, hearing these threats makes you doubt yourself.
But nonetheless, the show must go on. We go to court and ask for justice, while bracing ourselves for more lies and false accusations, knowing we are David versus Goliath.
Will it be worth it? I hope so. I hope that the judge will not be blindsided or easily swayed. To have this matter resolved, and to have it a matter of public record, as well as receiving what is owed me, will make it all worth it. To be able to …

My cat is crazier than your cat!

I swore I wasn't going to sit around and blog about how my cat is the cutest or craziest. But somethings must be shared.  Today was flippin' freezin' cold here in the land of Deseret. We're talking a high of 20. FREEZING. And yet, today is the day that a flock of birds suddenly appeared in my neighborhood, go figure. My cat, who is currently going by the name of Bocephus, (or just Bo for short), likes to sit in the windowsill or by the sliding glass door and look at whatever birds are in the area. He can frequently be seen on his hind legs, face and paws pressed to the glass, crying for the birds. It can be pretty amusing.  Today the new flock of birds (oh how I wish there were seagulls so I could say 'flock of seagulls') decided to light upon the building across from my balcony. Bo spent several minutes at the sliding glass door crying for the birds. After a few minutes he came over and nipped my heels. This was an unusual action for him. He would nip me then run…

Waking Up With Pet Peeves

Warning: Cranky blogger ahead.
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning- quite literally and figuratively. The sound that woke me up was my neighbor slamming his door shut at 5 am. Followed by the usual 3-4 hours of his dog howling from loneliness. Next, I realized I was literally on the wrong side of my bed, pushed their by a vicious kitten who bites me in my sleep in order to win a position on the pillows.
This wasn't the start to the morning I had hoped for.
But after sleeping in a few more hours and waiting for my alarm to call me from bed, I was hoping to be in a better mood. But I'm not. I have a list of pet peeves rolling around in my head. And I'm determined to find some validation for them.
1. People who leave pets at home who howl for hours. Of course the owner never hears this because as soon as they owner pulls into the parking lot the dog stops crying. Until then, I get to hear it all freaking day long.
2. The neighbor's dog that joins in the ho…

Live from the couch, it's me!

I really have little to say or blog about today, but that's never stopped me from posting before, has it? Ever since I got back to Utah late Tuesday night, I've been getting increasingly sicker. I've yet again picked up a nasty winter cold. Pick your favorite cold symptom, and I have it. But really, who wants to read a blog about the pile of used Kleenex I am sitting under?
Or I could blog about how freaking cold it is here. It was a whopping 17 degrees when I went out to my car this morning. Yesterday was my first ever experience with my car being frozen shut. That was a new one for me. It was fun. Really. But you really know it is cold when the thermocoupler in your gas fireplace is too cold to ignite. So instead of curling up by the fireplace with my blanky, Kleenex, and, I am in my bed, with lots of blankets, Kleenex, and And yet, I'm still cold.
But I need to get over this bug and quickly. This is my big week in court! I finally get to sue my ol…

Nyquil induced ramblings of a mad woman

I have nothing interesting to say today, but I'm bored and blogging is a great timewaster. I'm not a big believer or participator in making resolutions based on some arbitrary date on a calendar. It just doesn't do anything for me. So you can rest assured you won't be seeing that as a blog topic any time soon. And the fact that I am dieting for the next few weeks has nothing to do with the new year, and everything to do with eliminating carbs and wheat from my diet in order to get my tummy happy again.
Also, this is probably just the Nyquil talking, but I've decided that starting off the new year with a head cold is a good sign. It gets it out of the way now so that the rest of the year can be healthy, right??
Now for something from the stranger side of life.
I am actively house-hunting these days. My lease is up in 3 weeks and I need to move. I've done my homework and looked all over town, and narrowed in on one specific neighborhood I want to live in. Just be…