Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bring it on

In just a few hours I will have my first real live court experience. What I may not have is any closure or resolutions in the on-going 5 months battle with a former employer. But at the very least I will know that I did my best to do what is right and get what is owed me. This entire situation has been incredibly tedious, annoying, and at many times, confidence shattering. Having someone lie to you and threaten you over and over again, including making horrible accusations regarding your friendships. Even in the best of times, hearing these threats makes you doubt yourself.
But nonetheless, the show must go on. We go to court and ask for justice, while bracing ourselves for more lies and false accusations, knowing we are David versus Goliath.
Will it be worth it? I hope so. I hope that the judge will not be blindsided or easily swayed. To have this matter resolved, and to have it a matter of public record, as well as receiving what is owed me, will make it all worth it. To be able to walk away from the unfortunate chapter in my life and move on with what was good and redeeming from it will be a huge burden lifted.
Were there good things to come out of that chapter of my life? In spite of all the awful experiences of that time period, yes, there were most definitely great things that resulted from it. Wonderful new and lasting friendships made. A discovery of true talent. Exploration of new ideas. They were all worth that miserable chapter of my life.
But do I still want what is owed me?
Hell yes!

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  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hopefully everything went well!


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