Friday, January 16, 2009

Decision Time

You know how I suck at making big decisions? Oh, you don't? Well, I do. I'm incapable of making large decisions, particularly financial ones.

Which is why house hunting is nearly crippling for me!

This time I'm not just moving for me and trying to find a fun apartment that fits into my budget. No, this time the budget isn't the big detail. This time it is knowing that the right house is a key detail in my overall master plan. The plan that includes becoming a foster parent, and picking the right house out for that. And this time I need to pick out a home that will also be comfortable and appropriate for working from home full-time.

Oh how my life has changed. When I moved to Murray last year I picked out my current apartment under pretty much worst circumstances ever. Remember how I had 30 kidney stones, spent half my life stoned on Lortab, and then got the flu and spent a day in the emergency room? Yeah, I picked my apartment out the next day. I'm still convinced I could have fought my way out of the lease because I was under no condition to be signing legal documents that day.

All that mattered to me last year was that I found a place with a dishwasher, washer/dryer, and it took pets. I won't even go into how many different ways that went wrong later. But whatever.

This year is just different. I'm trying to find the right house for me, an office, plus foster kids. But what if for some crazy reason the State decides I'm not fit to be a foster parent? And I suddenly have a 4 bedroom house just for me?? And I'm living in a very family-ish neighborhood? Will I still be happy in my house alone?

Oh and the lease is for 18 months, not just 6 or 12.

Also, it should be mentioned, I'm pretty sure I have a non-stop supply of company and short-term visitors coming (if I have the right house for them).

And you know how I love to entertain, right? I haven't been able to entertain in over a year, and for me, that's just wrong! That is what I love most about this house. It is perfect for entertaining.

So cross your fingers, pray, and send happy thoughts into the Universe for me. I want this house, dangit, no matter how crazy I would have to be to do it!

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