Saturday, January 31, 2009

Favorite Kid Quotes of the Week

Andi (now age 6!)

Juli (Andi's mom): We're going to see Erin Ann in a few minutes, so you will have to say goodbye to your friend.

Andi (to her friend): We're going to see my fairy godmother, so you have to go home soon.

Friend: You have a FAIRY godmother?

Andi: Not a REAL fairy. But she's a godmother, and a nice one, and she has a cat.

Friend: Okay.

Porter (now age 4!)
Aunt Erin (to his mother one the phone): Can I talk to Porter? I want to tell him happy birthday.
Natalie: We can try. (pause) Porter! Come talk to Aunt Erin on the phone. She wants to tell you happy birthday!
Porter: No! Not again! Don't make me do it!

Porter (practicing his alphabet): L is for elephant...

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