Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Amusing Conversations With My Favorite Kids

On the phone tonight:
erinannie: Are you coming to my birthday party next week?
6 yr old Andi: Will Bosephus be there?
erinannie: I guess you can see the cat if you come.
Andi: Ok, if I can sit by him.


Little (age 11): Did I tell you I can't sing the song I wrote for the Rock Star Competition? (a fun after school activity she really really wants to participate in)
erinannie: No! How come?
Little: Because Mean Girl* says we're not allowed to sing any songs with questionable lyrics.
erinannie (stunned and shocked): WHAT? Your song doesn't have any questionable lyrics!
Little: The judges won't know it. They've never heard it before.
erinannie: Right, which is why you should sing it. You'll get extra points for doing your own song!
Little: But, Erin, Mean Girl said no questionable lyrics.
erinannie: There are no questionable lyrics in that song!
Little: But they don't know it!
erinannie (long pause): Wait, what do you think "questionable lyrics" means?
Little: A song they don't know.
erinannie (laughing in spite of herself): NO! That's not what it means! "Questionable lyrics" means words that are objectionable or offensive. Like cuss words, or words that kids should not use or hear. Your song is perfectly clean and good. It's okay!
Little (relieved): Oh. (pause) So Mean Girl was wrong?
Little: I can't wait to tell her!!

*We don't like Mean Girl. She's a bit of a bully.


  1. I'm glad you explained objectionable to her. :)

  2. What cute kids! I wish I could have seen the relief on Little's face when you told her it was ok.


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