Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My cat is crazier than your cat!

I swore I wasn't going to sit around and blog about how my cat is the cutest or craziest. But somethings must be shared. 
Today was flippin' freezin' cold here in the land of Deseret. We're talking a high of 20. FREEZING. And yet, today is the day that a flock of birds suddenly appeared in my neighborhood, go figure.
My cat, who is currently going by the name of Bocephus, (or just Bo for short), likes to sit in the windowsill or by the sliding glass door and look at whatever birds are in the area. He can frequently be seen on his hind legs, face and paws pressed to the glass, crying for the birds. It can be pretty amusing. 
Today the new flock of birds (oh how I wish there were seagulls so I could say 'flock of seagulls') decided to light upon the building across from my balcony. Bo spent several minutes at the sliding glass door crying for the birds. After a few minutes he came over and nipped my heels. This was an unusual action for him. He would nip me then run back over to the door. I finally caught on that he wanted me to follow him. (He's nothing if not a very smart cat. He also flushes toilets. Can your cat do that?? Didn't think so!) 
So I got up and followed him the 5 ft to the door. He pawed at the door for a minute. I caught on that he wanted out- on to the snow covered, freezing cold, balcony. I opened it and let him out. A split second later he jumped into my arms. This is one of those cute but annoying habits he has. He will vertical jump straight up and on to my chest when he wants me to hold him. If I don't see him coming I get claws in unfortunate places. 
This time I happened to be watching, so I caught him without the claws to the boobs. 
So I held him for a second, confused as to what he wanted. He cuddled up against me, then turned his head back around so he could keep crying at the birds.
My stinking cat is so spoiled that he wanted me to go outside and hold him so he wouldn't have to stand in the snow while he cried/stalked the birds!
My cat is THAT neurotic!


  1. somethingguy1:35 AM

    Actually it sounds like your cat knows he is that loved, not that clinical.We used to have a cat that loved watching waxwings pick frozen,fermented mountain ash berries off our tree...and then fly drunkenly into the side of the house. If cats could dream.Somethingguy.

  2. no offense but I'd say the cat doesn't fall far from the tree... I mean I'd say that if it made sense - but since it doesn't - oh never mind.

    Have to say - laughed and gauffawed at the 'flock of seagulls' comment. I thought you were too young to know about them!!


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