Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nyquil induced ramblings of a mad woman

I have nothing interesting to say today, but I'm bored and blogging is a great timewaster. I'm not a big believer or participator in making resolutions based on some arbitrary date on a calendar. It just doesn't do anything for me. So you can rest assured you won't be seeing that as a blog topic any time soon. And the fact that I am dieting for the next few weeks has nothing to do with the new year, and everything to do with eliminating carbs and wheat from my diet in order to get my tummy happy again.
Also, this is probably just the Nyquil talking, but I've decided that starting off the new year with a head cold is a good sign. It gets it out of the way now so that the rest of the year can be healthy, right??
Now for something from the stranger side of life.
I am actively house-hunting these days. My lease is up in 3 weeks and I need to move. I've done my homework and looked all over town, and narrowed in on one specific neighborhood I want to live in. Just before leaving town I was driving around the neighborhood (that has about 30 houses for sale/rent), writing down phone numbers and addresses of the places I liked from the outside. I saw one that I thought was cute on H St. (not really the name, but it works) I wrote the info down, but then in my travels, managed to lose the paper. Conveniently a few days later I saw the address and house show up on Craigslist. It was as I remembered it on the outside, and on the same street. So I sent them an email.
The reply was totally peculiar. The woman explained that she and her husband were serving the Lord in Nigeria, and were looking for a good God-fearing person to rent their home. There would be no real contract for the house. If I am interested, all I have to do is wire the money to them, and someone would bring me the keys.
UM??? SCAM????
It totally reaked of a scam. But it did include a phone number, and the person had a very Utah Mormonish name. And there were pictures of the house, and it looked like I remembered it.
Nonetheless, I deleted the email. And I noticed a few days later that the post was flagged and pulled from Craigslist. I thought little more of it.
But today I drove back down to the neighborhood to check out a different house I am interested in. So while I was there I drove past the questionable house. And sure enough, there is a for rent sign in the yard. Its not only the same house, but the name of the family that emailed me was on their mailbox!
The sign in the yard also had a local phone number on it. So I wrote it down on the back of my grocery list and drove away. I want to call it just out of sheer curiousity at this point.
There's just one tiny little problem.
I lost the stupid grocery list.
So yes, I may just have to drive 25 minutes south again just to go find the phone number on that sign. My curiousity just has to know!!
Any takers on whether or not it is a really well done scam? But then again, what even remotely intelligent American would mention Nigeria and wiring money in an email?? And yet, how did they get pictures of the inside and outside of this house? Did someone really want to get revenge on this family somehow? My imagination is running wild with scenarios.
But then again, that might just be the Nyquil talking.


  1. I heard about this scam on the news (but I looked and can't find the link right now). They have people working together to make it look super legit. But it is a total scam. Glad you are smart enough to see right through it.

    Good luck with the house hunt.

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  3. Does anything on these links sound familiar? It sounds like a common scam unfortunately.

  4. Well, you have convinced me it was clearly a scam. What had me confused was that there were pictures of the in and outside of the house, and a clearly American name in the email and for the email address (Jenny Allred). And the email was for the most part written in perfect english. And instead of a "job transfer" (like the links all said) this person was serving a mission with her husband- totally normal and expected in Lehi, Utah, you know??
    But for me the big red flag was that they mentioned Nigeria. No American with half a brain would ever suggest wiring money to Nigeria!
    I'm surprised I haven't heard of this scam before. Thanks for letting me know!
    I'm off to hopefully sign a lease on a new place today!

  5. WOW.

    Good luck on finding a place....


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