Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Update

Thank you to everyone who left me encouraging comments about fostering and even about dating. I appreciate them all. I'm still several months away from being approved and getting kids. But it is still something that I think about regulary and obsessively. Your support means a lot.

On the housing front!
I applied for the beautiful big house that I was hoping for. And I even got approved for it. But they are just going to "hold" my application to the side for a while, cause they are hoping someone else will come along and want it sooner. I can't move till mid-February, and they claim to not have the "luxury" of waiting that long to find a renter.
How they plan to find a renter with nothing more than a sign in the window and without advertising it anywhere is beyond me. But I suppose that works to my advantage, right?
So I've moved on to the Plan D house. Oh yes, Plan D. I've gone through that many houses in the last 3 weeks! I placed a call to Plan D this afternoon, and I'm just waiting for the phone to ring. Again.
There is a Plan E house as well. It's identical to the Plan C house (the one I lost today), except it is on a private drive, and faces sideways, and is north facing, and this is Utah where long driveways that face north are a huge nightmare because of the snow, and costs $200/mo more than Plan C does. So really, I should just cross it off of my list. But I love the floor plan and space, so it's hard to walk away from.
The real question for me at this point is if Plan C is still available in 3 weeks do I still take it? I love the house. Yes, the management company makes me mad. But I love the stinking house! If I could buy it, I would! I love it that much.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

Oh, but I am going to ask you all to please help spread the word about the Love for Nie benefit concert. If you are a fan or supporter of this cause, can you please post the picture and details on your own blogs or Facebook?? THANK YOU!


  1. Do not rent from them! I think, given their distinct lack of professionalism thus far, it will be a miserable relationship.

  2. I hate to say it but I have to agree with Sara. I want you to be happy - so in that case I have to say it. You might want to stay away. But if they are reasonable in every thing but the 'wait time' - well you know what you're dealing with better than I do.

    In my experience, I always preferred renting from an individual owner or couple - than through a management company. I like people who care about the place I'm living. Management companies in general - don't.

  3. But never date a foster child, even if he claims he has his own house.


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