Sunday, January 25, 2009

Return To Erin Mountain

Don't ask me what the title of this post means. I was trying to be creative and inventive in how I say that by getting back to a more chaotic lifestyle, I'm getting back to being me. And something about how climbing huge mountains of work each day. Or something like that. But that made for a really long post title, so it just came out, "Return to Erin Mountain."
I don't know why.
So things are crazy again. In a very good way!
I had my first intake interview with the foster care system. I was deemed "ideal and perfect" for fostering! Now I start taking classes - next week- for four weeks! 32 hours in how to be a foster parent.
Aye yi yi.
And then we do the home inspection, criminal investigation, and fill out hundreds of pages of paperwork. But that's okay. I'm ready for it.
Speaking of these children I don't yet have, I found a home for them to live in today. In the post below I called it the Plan E house. Ignore what I said before. I still don't like the yard, but I love the house. And that's all that matters. It feels like a good place for "us" to be.
In other news, I've been given the chance to do some more writing again. I miss writing. I miss using that side of my brain. It feels good.
Oh and apparently not everyone knows what the significance of the happy dance post is. Sometimes when good things happen I am not always at liberty to share the details. But I want to express my happiness. So I post a happy dance. This week I will only share this detail on the matter. It involved the Cute Blushing Boy. And how we smiled so much my face hurts.
I was worried about how I was going to mentally and emotionally face another winter. But so far, I'd have to say, I'm happy. I'm busy. I'm working hard. And I like it.
Now, if someone could please contact me who understands HTML and can do me a little favor, I'd greatly appreciate it.


  1. Yay!!!

    Of course you are a perfect and ideal candidate for a foster parent! Yay Yay yay!!!

    Well, I'm just going to go with the picture in my head that shows me you and blushing boy across a dinner table, looking into each other's beautiful faces and grinning like idiots. I hope I'm not far off the mark!

    Please tell more when you can.

    Very happy for you.

  2. hee hee hee.
    My verification word was 'magod'
    as in... "Oh magod that's great news!"

  3. That's great! I'm happy you found somewhere.

  4. I teach foster parent training classes for a living. I like to think they aren't so bad, but I may be biased!


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