Monday, January 05, 2009

Waking Up With Pet Peeves

Warning: Cranky blogger ahead.
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning- quite literally and figuratively. The sound that woke me up was my neighbor slamming his door shut at 5 am. Followed by the usual 3-4 hours of his dog howling from loneliness. Next, I realized I was literally on the wrong side of my bed, pushed their by a vicious kitten who bites me in my sleep in order to win a position on the pillows.
This wasn't the start to the morning I had hoped for.
But after sleeping in a few more hours and waiting for my alarm to call me from bed, I was hoping to be in a better mood. But I'm not. I have a list of pet peeves rolling around in my head. And I'm determined to find some validation for them.
1. People who leave pets at home who howl for hours. Of course the owner never hears this because as soon as they owner pulls into the parking lot the dog stops crying. Until then, I get to hear it all freaking day long.
2. The neighbor's dog that joins in the howling just for fun. And the owner that doesn't shut the dog up.
(huh, both my pet peeves are about pets.)
3. This may seem random, but people who don't wash their hair. This grosses me out. If your hair color has started to actually change because it is so greasy, WASH YOUR FREAKING HAIR. I ran across this blog yesterday regarding how often people wash their hair. It is very informative. I think everyone should read it- especially the comments.
4. People who are so wrapped up in their own minds that they have no idea how their actions affect and effect others. This is, of all my annoyances, the biggest one. I wish there was a way to punish people for being this selfish.
5. People who don't know how to allow other people to be happy or show emotion in their presence. This is far too involved for me to explain here. Maybe someday I'll come back to it.
6. People who think they are allergic to everything and yet don't take any allergy meds. If your life really is controlled and limited by that many allergens that you can't enjoy a full life, go spend the freaking TWELVE DOLLARS it costs to take Claritin or Zyrtec or the generic OTC stuff for a month. And stop whining about it. You can control it.
7. People who criticize things they know nothing about.
8. People who will assume that this list of annoyances is all about them. Do you really think I would publicly blog about it knowing you will read it? I'm not that rude. It's not all about you. Get over it.Unless there are things here you need to work on. Then go work on those!
9. My bad posture. I hate my bad posture. I hate my overly extended swayback. I saw a picture of me this week that has my back so bent and swayed that my butt looks 20x bigger like I meant for it to stick out that way. I hate that. Sadly, there is very little I can do about it, but I do what I can!
10. My magic radio that changes stations all by itself. This morning I was listening to 101.9 the End, and now, suddenly I hear 103.5 coming out of it. This gets irritating!

I should stop while I'm ahead if I want to find the positive in the day. Because, see, I will go and look for the positive. I just had to get the negative out of me so there would be room for the positive.

11. People who only see the negative and don't know how to fight for the positive.

12. When your nose gets all peely and chapped from having to blow it too much (and you were even using the Puffs Plus kind)!


  1. I agree with those! The dog one would bug the heck out of me. I've often wondered how people don't wash their hair everyday. I read that blog and the comments and I don't get how people don't at least rinse their hair everyday. I HAVE to shower everyday to feel awake and clean. Unless it is a grubby, go nowhere, stay home day, I can't not shower.

  2. jules8:50 PM

    Well, I wash mine every other day. I read that washing every single day strips your hair of its natural oils and it's better to go every other day....but I concur. If your hair looks greasy, you're way past due.

    Thanks for the tip on the zyrtec D, btw. It works like a charm.


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