Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Live On-Air With DUE WEST!

For the past week or so my favorite Due West boys were here in Utah playing gigs up at the Sundance Film Festival. Thanks to my crazy life I wasn't able to make it up there to see them. This was disappointing both for me and "Little." But we found out there would be one last chance to see them on Friday morning- but only if Little could miss the first hour or so of school. Conveniently, her mother and I both agreed that our little straight-A student could handle missing school for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What was the opportunity?

Hanging with Due West at the radio station while they did a few live numbers on the air!
It must also be said we had the complete enjoyment and pleasure of partaking of the breakfast burritos provided by Bella's Mexican Restaurant! Whenever Due West shows up on the Eagle, Bella's makes the trip down from Ogden to feed our boys! We love Bella's!
It was fun to see the boys. They greeted Little just like she's one of the regular entourage and totally normal to be hanging out with them. She loved it. LOVED.IT.
She started out a little shy, hanging out on the outside of the studio glass. The show was loudly piped into the main lobby where we could hear everything just fine. The on-air talent/DJ's came out and talked quite a bit with us. Little was her darling usual self, perfectly mannered, and well-behaved. It's so great to be able to take her out and know she'll never embarrass me. It makes it that much more fun to share big things like this with her.
Due West talked a bunch, and sang a couple numbers on the air. As usual, they sounded fantastic. During a commercial break either Tim or Matt told the show host, Keith Stubbs, about how Due West had serenaded Little at her school. Keith loved the story and told them to tell it on the air.
So what happened next?
(This is possibly the least flattering picture of Little ever. Don't hold it against her. My camera(s) suck.)
Happiest. Girl. Ever.
That's what happened.
Due West told the story of serenading her in her school, on-air, and then said, "Little, this is for you!" And sang her FAVORITE song on the show! (Even though several callers had just called in asking for other songs.)
I think my favorite part of the whole experience was just how chill Little was about the whole thing. She just hung out, watched everything, and got comfortable just like she hangs out with bands at radio stations all the time.
(And then in the car on the way to school she "practiced" what she was going to say to her classmates when they asked where she had been all morning. After all, she is still 11 years old.)


  1. She's just cool as a cucumber!

    Hey, I have something for you at my blog.

  2. That is really neat. Something she will remember forever.


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