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Yeah, Erin Did It!

(whenever I cheer in my head "yeah, i/you did it!" i picture porter doing this little cheer again.) I am officially and in every way exhausted. But you know what? I don't care! I managed to finish my 32 hour foster parenting course, move homes, and expand my work duties, survive the month of February, and help assist with my aunt's mission departure.  But mostly I'm just proud of myself for finishing my foster parenting course. 32 hours in one month is a big commitment. Seriously. I'm really looking forward to getting my life back.  The course has been worth it. The trainer for the class was really amazing. I'd recommend taking the class from Liz any day. We learned quite a bit about abuse, diversity, child development, this whole crazy fostering and adopting process, and more. The most important thing we learned was that no two children are the same, some people will come from situations and backgrounds you can't even big to fathom, and that every child…


Today was another great day out with my "Little" from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. We had a great time together as always. On our way home we were singing along to a CD. And as she likes to do, she kept hitting repeat and playing her favorite song over and over. When she does this we joke around that there is a ghost in the car that is controlling the CD player.
Also, you'll need to know that today she was wearing a little toy tiara or crown that she made a few months ago.

Me (right after "the ghost" had hit repeat again): Hmm... funny how the ghost is only in the car when you are...

Little: Yep, funny how that happens. Maybe the ghost lives in the test!cles of my crown?

Me (busting up laughing): WHAT?!?!?!

Little: I think the ghost must live in the little white test!cles on my crown.

Me: Honey, I think you mean tentacles, not test!cles.
(while seriously wondering about crowns have tentacles, as well as test!cles)

Little: What's the difference?

Me …

Happy Dance!

Time for another happy dance! How have I never thought of this one before?

My 2 Favorite Quotes to Live By

For several years now I have had a postcard hanging in my home of Katherine Hepburn standing on a roller coaster, in a dress, holding her skirt down, smiling and laughing like there is no tomorrow. And the quote below it says,

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

And today I heard a new quote. And along with the Katherine Hepburn quote, together they are my two mottos to live by.

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
Helen Keller.



This may seem like a strange thing to post after my happiness post. But here goes.

I'm so bored.

I was thinking about it today, and I honestly can't remember if I have met even one person since moving to Utah who is single, never married, no kids, active in the LDS Church, and over 30. I really don't think I have.

It's a little hard to get out and have fun on the weekends when everyone you know has a family to tend to. No wonder I feel like such a misfit all the time.

Also, is it just me, or is it rude to ask, "So if you're single, why did you get such a big house?"
What do they expect me to say? "Because I have more money than you!" I'm not necessarily comfortable broadcasting that I may or may not be getting foster children in the near future. I'd rather wait till it is a done deal and I am getting them for sure. I don't want to tell people now, and then have things suddenly change, you know?

Anyway, there you have it. I'm bore…

Happy if you want to be

For the past week or two (or month or two) I have been thinking a lot about happiness, and what makes different people happy. I've been watching a lot of couples, families, and singles, and people as individuals inside those groupings, and watching to see who appears to be happy.

If there is one thing I have learned from my observations it is that we all have different criteria for happiness. I have a feeling this will be an on-going thought process of mine, but I'd like to share what I have observed in batches.

1. I watched one woman who appears to be able to have it all. But what makes her happy is having her essential needs met. She doesn't "have it all" in my personal opinion. In fact, I think she sells herself short, and she knows it, but tells herself she is happy because her essential needs are met. I feel truly sorry for this person. I wish she cared enough about herself to want better for herself, because she could have it. I honestly think she tells herse…

I'm tired, stop me if you've heard this one before

Have I ever gone 4 whole days without blogging before? Wow. Even I am astounded.
It was an overwhelmingly busy week. Unpacking, going to classes, finish packing and cleaning at the old place (still not done), working, yada yada. Oh and breaking out in hives three separate times.
Here's a picture for your random amusement. It looks more like a rash than hives here because I had been scratching it. I had it all over my face, down my neck, and all over my torso.

Every time I break out I have to take a Benadryl which knocks me out. So in spite of being painfully busy, I've also had to take long unscheduled naps I didn't have time for. A few major things didn't get done as a result, like getting my car inspected, joining the gym, getting a UT license, and getting finger printed for foster care stuff. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and the next day, right?

Sidenote: I have moved into a corner lot house. Things I have learned this week: my driveway is the bus stop for a…

More Pictures of the House (and my arm)

I'm sure you are all just anxiously awaiting pictures of the new house. Because obviously my move consumes you just like it consumes every minute of my life right now. So I thought I'd share more pictures. The downstairs is almost all put together now. Except for the part where I want new couches, and I want to paint a wall, and get a new TV and a new TV stand. Other than that, oh and hanging the huge picture I can't decide where to place, it's all done.

This is the view from the kitchen into the living room. You can't tell, but the cat is on the couch posing for you.

And the view into the kitchen from the living room.  And this is what my arm looks like after I sit outside holding the cat on the front steps and a diesel truck goes by. It hurts. A lot.
Sidenote to TRS: you suggested I hang the albums "brady bunch style." That's so funny! We really do think just alike. In my last 2 homes where I had the albums up I had them in exactly that style. But the…


I live in Lehi now.
I keep reminding myself of that everytime I wake up confused in the middle of the night. Or when I want to go get something to eat and I realize I have no idea where anything is.
I live in Lehi now.
I'm mostly moved in. There's still plenty of random junk back over at my apartment, and I'll probably go get some of it tonight (like the pots, pans, and my vacuum). But I'm settling in nicely here. I have decided to take it room by room and not try to do everything at once. I even managed to get one wall decorated the best I can. But I'm already decided I have to paint a few walls. This living room is just way too big, bright, wide, and white. It needs more color!!
What do you think of my wall so far? I just threw it all up there. I didn't measure or anything, so I know it needs some adjusting and evening out. But at least now I'm not staring at a boring white wall anymore.

Next up will be the kitchen, just as soon as I have all my kitchen …

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

I got a little sentimental tonight. Forgive me.
Sometimes it feels like this past year has been one big disaster and mistake after another. When I lost my job at the gun place 2 years ago, and suddenly found my whole world falling apart, and nothing has been stable since, I wondered if I'd ever feel "like me" again.
Let's recap the insanity of the last 2 years real briefly.
1. I lost my very stable job that I really enjoyed over something completely stupid and trivial.
2. Spent 3 months unemployed.
3. Against everything I wanted in life I felt God's Spirit telling me I needed to move to Utah.
4. I hated Utah.
5. I got a job in Utah. I was excited to live close to my sister again.
6. My sister's husband got a job in Nevada. They moved away the month I got here.
7. Six months at the new job in Utah and it was apparent this was not the right job for me.
8. Got 30 kidney stones.
9. Got told to hurry up and find a new job.
10. Got told to move out of my house in l…

Moving Day

First, thank you to Juli, Kylee, Cali, Savannah, Chris, and Rob for all their help today!!!!!!

It was moving day. We got about 90% of everything over here. I was surprised that I had too much stuff to fit in the truck. So next Saturday I've got to go back and get more stuff. And I'll probably make a few trips during the week if I can get up the motivation. When my money dries up from eating out every meal I'll probably have to cave and go back over, since all of my pots and pans seem to be at the old place.

But I'm in! I'm here. I'm in my beloved bed, in my gigantic new big bedroom, ready to fall asleep. The cat (who has spent the majority of the day in a panicked freaked out state) is curled up beside me, also ready for sleep.

This move is just the beginning of the crazy changes. Tomorrow means a new church congregation to attend. In a week or two I'm hoping to have a roommate move in (just for a few months). And then there will be the foster children. Lif…

Foster Parenting Class

If you read yesterday's post you may be slightly aware of the fact that I am/was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. However, having survived this day, and sleep will be here shortly, I am doing much better now.
One of the biggest parts of my anxiety this week was the parenting class I took on Monday night. For the most part my classes are uneventful, but interesting. Monday night was a nightmare, but we were duly warned in advance. The subject matter was sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Four hours of looking at pictures, listening to stories, and watching videos on all matters of abuse.
I'm a fairly tough girl. I can handle most things. But this was awful.
They warned us that on average 50% of the class will drop out, or just walk out, after this class. It is THAT bad.
I didn't walk out. I found myself doodling more than usual as a defense or detachment mechanism. But I survived. Sort of.
It has taken me 3 full days to really shake off the horrible effects of what …

Don't Tell Me What I Don't Want to Hear Right Now

I am officially at my breaking point. No sleep, pounding construction from a nearby apartment, packing, organizing the details of the move, parenting classes, taking on new projects at work, etc., are taking their toll on me. The end is in sight, and I think I can hold on to this rope for just a few more days. But just barely.
So I have a favor to ask the world. Don't tell me anything I don't want to hear right now. Unless it is something vital like, "watch out for that truck!" I really don't want to hear it. Seriously.
I want to hear good things. Really, tell me all the happy news you can possibly share. But otherwise, can it wait till Tuesday? I can handle a lot of things on Tuesday. But between now and Saturday, my sanity is barely there.
I do keep reminding myself that this is a much, much easier move physically than what I dealt with last year (kidney stones, job changes, etc.). And for that I am very VERY grateful. But I have probably tripled my belongings …

if this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will

The Classes

This post has been pulled down for the time being. I worded it poorly and late at night, and I'm getting attacked on exactly the things I didn't say quite right.

A small tangent

This will probably not make sense to anyone who isn't a DC area native. And I know it is a dumb rant. But sometimes, I just feel like ranting.
I'm in favor of DC Statehood. I have my reasons. I don't feel like going into them now.
But one of the main reasons is because of something that happens when I have to give my city and state of birth for some security reason. The conversation will go like this.

Idiot: And for security, what is your city and state of birth?

Me: Washington, DC

Idiot: And what state is that in?
Idiot: What city in Washington?
Idiot: Is Washington, DC a state?


If for no other reason, I'd like DC Statehood to become a major issue again just so a lot of dumasses out there can figure out whether or not it is a state.

Life Comes At You Fast

My brain, yet again, is on total overload. The contents therein just spinning around like a top. And then a girl with no background, experience, or education in my field felt the need to correct me on something because (and I quote), "My dad worked in that factory for years..." Oh, so you understand the inner workings of social media marketing because your dad (who it must be mentioned is deceased) worked in a factory? Right, gotcha.

Okay, that sounded totally rude. Sorry.

I'm trying to write marketing campaigns to reach MILLIONS of people, using some of the highest profile tools currently available, and I'm getting corrected by a girl who probably can't even properly spell social media marketing, let alone define it??? Where do these people come from??

But I digress.

My busy little brain.

I've packed a few things. Not much, but some. Anything that used to hang on my walls now resides in packaging materials. If it is an electronic gadget (and I have a few) th…

Definitely a moment of both clarity and chaos

After approximately 8 weeks of house hunting, and about 7 of those weeks having my heart set on one particular house, I finally got that one house today! I had to jump through hoops and show more patience than I'm prone to showing other people.
There was just one catch I couldn't work around. My lease has to start February 14. (I was really heavily in favor of my lease not starting until Feb 20 or 21.) And if my lease is going to start Feb 14, I'm going to start moving Feb 14. I'm not paying double rent if I'm not going to get to enjoy the new place!
Which means I now have 10 days to pack and move! YIKES!
I will most likely do a slow and simple move, and take advantage of the 2 remaining weeks to come back over and do the cleaning and get the odds and ends out. But I would like to get the lion's share done on the 14th.
I took "Little" over to see the new house today, and oddly enough, pick up the key to the house (even though I haven't given them the …

Happy Dance!

Okay, today I am bending my own rules and not posting a true happy dance. But I am posting a song and video that always makes me happy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen.

You know you can't help but smile when you hear this song.
"get on your bikes and ride!"

Today I will also share a few of the happy thoughts!

1. My taxes have already been filed. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I am getting back a return that makes me smile, and is sorely needed in this month of moving!

2. I didn't just attend my first foster parenting class yesterday. I actually enjoyed it. More on this experience some other day.

3. My "new" computer came back from HP today. Sadly, I did lose all the docs and pics on it, but thankfully there wasn't too much on it to lose yet. The most irritating thing is that since they did just swap out the hard drives, I lost all of my programs I used for work. That is hours of replacements!

4. I had 2 baby girl cousins…

Love for Nie Nie Benefit Concert, February 2

Love for Nie Nie Benefit Concert and Silent Auction, featuring Mindy Gledhill, with special guests The Thrillionaires!
Monday, February 2, 2009 Silent Auction begins at 6:15 pm, Concert at 7 pm Covey Center for the Arts, Provo, Utah Buy tickets at or by calling 801.852.7007