Monday, February 23, 2009


This may seem like a strange thing to post after my happiness post. But here goes.

I'm so bored.

I was thinking about it today, and I honestly can't remember if I have met even one person since moving to Utah who is single, never married, no kids, active in the LDS Church, and over 30. I really don't think I have.

It's a little hard to get out and have fun on the weekends when everyone you know has a family to tend to. No wonder I feel like such a misfit all the time.

Also, is it just me, or is it rude to ask, "So if you're single, why did you get such a big house?"
What do they expect me to say? "Because I have more money than you!" I'm not necessarily comfortable broadcasting that I may or may not be getting foster children in the near future. I'd rather wait till it is a done deal and I am getting them for sure. I don't want to tell people now, and then have things suddenly change, you know?

Anyway, there you have it. I'm bored and I'm a misfit.


  1. Okay, while I'm married and have a kid, I fit squarely in the misfit category of sorts.

    Call me if you get bored on the weekends! Himself works every other weekend.

    ESPECIALLY if you want to go hiking when it gets warm (Woodstock is a great hiker in the backpack).

    Totally serious. I can only clean my house for so many hours on the weekend.

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I'm all of those things! But maybe I don't count since I guess I've known you for a long time, even if it's been that long since I saw you.

    I am always game for an adventure- you should seriously let me know when you're up for something!

  3. Yes, it is rude. But people will ask. Maybe even me if I didn't already know the answer.

    But as columnist Caroline Hax would say, "Those questions mean you are speaking with an idiot."
    See here:
    And I like to think that Miss Manners would agree. In fact, I'm fairly certain Miss Manners would advise you to respond, "Why do you need to know?" Which, she would admit isn't always condusive to neighborliness (Yes, I can make up words) but some variation might work.
    I would recommend a sly smile accompanied by, "It's a surprise."
    Enough to intrigue them, and let them know it's none of their business.

    I agree with you, you don't want to tell people what you expect, in case it doesn't happen. Good call.

    Shall I just write my own post here?
    I'm sorry you are having a hard time meeting people. If only people knew how hard it was to be single and new in town.

    My friend moved 40 minutes North two years ago to be closer to her boyfriend. They have since parted ways - and when she talked with her priest about being lonely and longing for a family (like me all she's ever wanted is to be a wife and mother) the priest told her she should spend more time with families. Nice advice... how do you expect that to happen?! Married people don't always reach out to singles.

    It's so frustrating.

  4. It's absolutely rude and none of anyone's business. You don't owe anyone any explanation. I'm sure there is a witty, smart comment you can politely say back to them....I just can't think of one right now! ; )


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