Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Definitely a moment of both clarity and chaos

After approximately 8 weeks of house hunting, and about 7 of those weeks having my heart set on one particular house, I finally got that one house today! I had to jump through hoops and show more patience than I'm prone to showing other people.
There was just one catch I couldn't work around. My lease has to start February 14. (I was really heavily in favor of my lease not starting until Feb 20 or 21.) And if my lease is going to start Feb 14, I'm going to start moving Feb 14. I'm not paying double rent if I'm not going to get to enjoy the new place!
Which means I now have 10 days to pack and move! YIKES!
I will most likely do a slow and simple move, and take advantage of the 2 remaining weeks to come back over and do the cleaning and get the odds and ends out. But I would like to get the lion's share done on the 14th.
I took "Little" over to see the new house today, and oddly enough, pick up the key to the house (even though I haven't given them the deposit or signed anything yet). Little picked out "her" new bedroom (the sunniest and biggest of the 3 children bedrooms). And she picked out which room will be my office (the room next to hers, so that I can be closer to her). And we both agreed that my entire apartment could fit into the living room and kitchen of the new house.

This is Little "modeling" in the kitchen for me. She declared the kitchen to be "the biggest one I have ever seen, except for the one at my grandma's house." I don't know that it is that big, but it is considerably bigger than what I currently have!

I'm a little stressed. 10 days to pack and move. Work my regular full time job, plus attend my fostering classes (2x week, 4 hours a night). And to start filling up a 2,000 sq ft house, after living in a 600 sq ft apartment. And then prepare for 3 children. And the part where my life changes completely.

So, uh, why am I sitting here blogging when I need to be getting up and packing?!?!


  1. My goodness life ifs coming at you fast, but what exciting stuff it is! Good luck with everything!

  2. Yay yay yay yippee yay!

  3. Congratulations on your house! Moving stinks but getting into a new place is great. Enjoyed your blog and love the fact that you are a big sister!


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