Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Tell Me What I Don't Want to Hear Right Now

I am officially at my breaking point. No sleep, pounding construction from a nearby apartment, packing, organizing the details of the move, parenting classes, taking on new projects at work, etc., are taking their toll on me. The end is in sight, and I think I can hold on to this rope for just a few more days. But just barely.
So I have a favor to ask the world. Don't tell me anything I don't want to hear right now. Unless it is something vital like, "watch out for that truck!" I really don't want to hear it. Seriously.
I want to hear good things. Really, tell me all the happy news you can possibly share. But otherwise, can it wait till Tuesday? I can handle a lot of things on Tuesday. But between now and Saturday, my sanity is barely there.
I do keep reminding myself that this is a much, much easier move physically than what I dealt with last year (kidney stones, job changes, etc.). And for that I am very VERY grateful. But I have probably tripled my belongings in the past year, if not more, and this isn't all that easy after all.
I know I'm being rude and selfish. And for that I will apologize profusely next week. I really will. I hate when I know I am being rude. But, please, just cut me a break, will you?
To the friend who said she just couldn't relate to my stress right now because her husband always "hires professionals" for that, I'd really like to give you the bird right now. You have no idea how much I resent you.
And to anyone who thinks that parenting classes sound easy, because, hey, anyone can be a parent, right? No. I would gladly have never endured 4 hours of looking at pictures of sexually and physically abused children on Monday night. I came home in a nearly catatonic state it was so miserable.
Oh and working from home must be so nice and easy? Ha. Sure. There's no guilt associated with wondering if you did enough work today. No stress to make sure that these people you have never met understand your ideas and explanations. It's still a job. And it is still a lot of work.
I will stop complaining now. I will get through this week. I just may not do it so gracefully.
So unless you enjoy pushing people over the edge and watching them fall, I'm begging you, don't tell me what I don't want to hear right now.
We can resume our normal conversations next week.


  1. Jules2:10 PM

    I can only think of one thing that will make you happy: dark chocolate.

    Say it in a yoga pose: Dark chocolate. Daaark Choooocolate. Darkchocolatedarkchocolatedarkcholatedarkchocolate...

  2. You are amazing.
    I'm hoping it's okay to tell you that! Can't possibly fall into the category of things you don't want to hear! And if it does, seriously, we need to talk.

    And I hear ya on the parenting classes. If I so much as watch a movie involving sexual violence (The Accused, Monster) I am haunted by it for weeks. A feeling I just can't shake.

    Abused children? I'd cut my face off for relief.

    You're awesome. Don't you forget it.


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