Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today was another great day out with my "Little" from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. We had a great time together as always. On our way home we were singing along to a CD. And as she likes to do, she kept hitting repeat and playing her favorite song over and over. When she does this we joke around that there is a ghost in the car that is controlling the CD player.
Also, you'll need to know that today she was wearing a little toy tiara or crown that she made a few months ago.

Me (right after "the ghost" had hit repeat again): Hmm... funny how the ghost is only in the car when you are...

Little: Yep, funny how that happens. Maybe the ghost lives in the test!cles of my crown?

Me (busting up laughing): WHAT?!?!?!

Little: I think the ghost must live in the little white test!cles on my crown.

Me: Honey, I think you mean tentacles, not test!cles.
(while seriously wondering about crowns have tentacles, as well as test!cles)

Little: What's the difference?

Me (thinking giving this answer would possibly get me out of giving the answer): Tentacles are like the long arms of an octopus or squid.

Little: Oh. (pause) So then what are test!cles?

Me (feeling very certain this is so not my job to answer): Um, well, they are a part of a boy's pen!s.

Little: WHAT?? THEIR WHAT??? They have tentacles on their WHAT?

Me: Yeah, I think you mean tentacles. But that's still not right, let's say spokes or spires instead.

Little: Ok.

long silent pause

Little: Are you sure it isn't test!cles?

Me: Trust me, I'm sure.

Little: Ok.


  1. that is awesome! we frequently have conversations about male anatomy at my house. but i live with boys. i.e. the other day my 4 year old was eating skittles, which he had never done. he said, "mom, these reeses pen!s are crunchy!"

  2. Okay, I'm absolutely dying right now. SO FUNNY.

  3. You are right. That IS the funniest kid conversation ever. I can just imagine the shock and awe she exhibited upon finding out the true meaning of test!cles.

  4. OM! That was just to funny, especially from a girl:) I remember once when I was babysitting two little boys ages 2 and 4. We were watching a movie (Disney) and the 4 year old turns to me and asks me if I wanted to see his pen!s and and balls. I was probably all of 17 and had probably never used the word pen!s before! I nearly died- he on the other hand was all excited to show me his bits and was devastated when I declined on the offer!!!

  5. That is good. Makes you wonder what they are called. Could you imagine if they were called test!cles! How funny would that be!

  6. Oh @#$ that's funny!

    Reminded me of Better Off Dead (early John Cusack film) - there is a conversation quite like this one! (with a foreign exchange student) "Oh he had his test!cles all over me!" "You mean tentacles. Big difference."

    And wow, she must be describing some very impressive jewels!!!
    Ha Ha HA!

  7. Also realizing she is now picturing something she is never going to find on a male anatomy!

    She's scarred for life.


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