Monday, February 16, 2009

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

I got a little sentimental tonight. Forgive me.
Sometimes it feels like this past year has been one big disaster and mistake after another. When I lost my job at the gun place 2 years ago, and suddenly found my whole world falling apart, and nothing has been stable since, I wondered if I'd ever feel "like me" again.
Let's recap the insanity of the last 2 years real briefly.
1. I lost my very stable job that I really enjoyed over something completely stupid and trivial.
2. Spent 3 months unemployed.
3. Against everything I wanted in life I felt God's Spirit telling me I needed to move to Utah.
4. I hated Utah.
5. I got a job in Utah. I was excited to live close to my sister again.
6. My sister's husband got a job in Nevada. They moved away the month I got here.
7. Six months at the new job in Utah and it was apparent this was not the right job for me.
8. Got 30 kidney stones.
9. Got told to hurry up and find a new job.
10. Got told to move out of my house in less than 3 weeks.
11. Got the flu.
12. Passed lots of stones, got a job, and moved. (the last 4 items happened in a 1 month period)
13. Started a new job.
14. Gave up on having a social life. Ever.

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