Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Dance!

Okay, today I am bending my own rules and not posting a true happy dance. But I am posting a song and video that always makes me happy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen.

You know you can't help but smile when you hear this song.
"get on your bikes and ride!"

Today I will also share a few of the happy thoughts!

1. My taxes have already been filed. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I am getting back a return that makes me smile, and is sorely needed in this month of moving!

2. I didn't just attend my first foster parenting class yesterday. I actually enjoyed it. More on this experience some other day.

3. My "new" computer came back from HP today. Sadly, I did lose all the docs and pics on it, but thankfully there wasn't too much on it to lose yet. The most irritating thing is that since they did just swap out the hard drives, I lost all of my programs I used for work. That is hours of replacements!

4. I had 2 baby girl cousins born today! The little angel babies will get their own special blog post, as soon as I get the final details on who was born first. It must be mentioned though that neither little girl was due today!

5. After 3 weeks of working my butt off doing freelance work mostly came to an end yesterday. I had several major projects all due at once. I will continue working on all of my new clients, but it is nice to have the huge pressure of yesterday finally off me!


  1. Anonymous12:19 AM

    I took Italian in college, and one day during a test, when we were so quiet you could hear a pin drop, a guy's cell phone went off:


    and he quickly shut it off.

    It was hysterical!

  2. A suggestion for backing up your stuff going forward. Check out mozy.com You can get a limited amount of space for free but for only $4.95 a month you get unlimited. It has saved me more than once. And the best part is that you can schedule it to back up regularly every week (something I neglect to you if left to my own devices). Anyways just thought I'd pass that along.

  3. Love the video and congrats on all your good news!


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