Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I live in Lehi now.
I keep reminding myself of that everytime I wake up confused in the middle of the night. Or when I want to go get something to eat and I realize I have no idea where anything is.
I live in Lehi now.
I'm mostly moved in. There's still plenty of random junk back over at my apartment, and I'll probably go get some of it tonight (like the pots, pans, and my vacuum). But I'm settling in nicely here. I have decided to take it room by room and not try to do everything at once. I even managed to get one wall decorated the best I can. But I'm already decided I have to paint a few walls. This living room is just way too big, bright, wide, and white. It needs more color!!
What do you think of my wall so far? I just threw it all up there. I didn't measure or anything, so I know it needs some adjusting and evening out. But at least now I'm not staring at a boring white wall anymore.

Next up will be the kitchen, just as soon as I have all my kitchen stuff here. Last night I realized I had a bit of a cooking conundrum. I had soup in cans with pull top lids, but no bowls. I had tuna and bread, but no can opener for the tuna can. And thanks to my kitchen stuff being spread out over 2 counties, that was all I had to eat. I got desperate and used a knife and hammer to open the tuna can the old fashioned way. Not as easy as it sounds when you have a cat bound and determined to help you get to the tuna as fast as possible.

Oh and this is the view from outside my living room window where I have been working the last few days. (I don't yet have my new office set up. It comes after the kitchen. And then the office. And then my bedroom. And then the kid bedrooms.)

It's not such a bad view really. It's much nicer when there isn't a massive snow cloud hovering overhead threatening to trap us in our homes for a few days.


  1. Very nice. Glad to see you settling in.

    I like the arrangement on the wall.

    if you want to spread it around... it could also be really cute to have the nine square pieces in an arrangement (brady bunch theme style) and have the posters for other walls if your art is at a premium.

    It's cool this way too. Just a thought.

    You totally have me wanting to sell my condo and rent a house.

  2. Congratulations again on your new home. It's looking wonderful!

  3. I like your view. It's nice. When that tree blooms in the spring and the mountains are behind it, it will look beautiful.


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