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What a Twittelating Weekend

This has been a crazy - FUN- weekend! Rather than try and explain the whole fun process, I thought I'd share my "twitters" with you, and then fill in a few blanks-

10:30 am
There's a bridal shower in my house. And a lotta girly squealing!

My surprise was revealed- I flew my sister out for the shower!
Its cousin Colette's shower, thrown by Merry Brooke. Natalie and Savannah are here too!

4 pm
Natalie and I go shopping, shopping, shopping, and eating out. 

8 pm

hitting the tavernacle tonight w/ my sister!  (The Tavernacle is a dueling piano singalong bar in SLC. My sister and I both LOVE singalong bars!)

9 pm

Singalong bar is singing "puff the magic dragon"

Why don't we get drunk and screw? #singalong bar

Day the Music Died (how I feel about this #singalong bar) (Natalie feels I should explain this was her request for the bar to sing!)
Natalie sings (to another of her requests) "OH-OH LIVING ON A PRAYER!"

10 pm

this is officially the longes…

A "Little" Moment

Another real life moment with me and the Little.

Today we took the cats out for a walk. (Easier said than done.) We headed in what appeared to be a logical direction (the park). After we get a few houses down the street Little stopped and looked around. The following ensued.

Little: Wait, where does Cute Neighbor Boy live?

Me (pointing): That way.

Little (turning and starting in that direction): Then we need to walk that way.

Me: Why??

Little: So we can do the "laugh and pass."

Me (fearing that I do know full well what this will be): And what exactly is the laugh and pass?

Little (giving me the "do i have to teach you EVERYTHING" look): You know, when you walk past a boy and ignore him, and laugh with your girlfriends."

And suddenly, I feel really sorry for boys. I'm not saying girls don't do that. I'm not saying I haven't done that. I'm just saying I had no idea that 11 year olds knew how to do it, and even have a name for it. But then, I fear for …

Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

1. Fixing a toilet
2. Putting an open paint can away before my cats get into it.
3. Putting the piles of clothes away that have been on my bedroom floor for over 6 weeks now.
4. Making a fruit salad for a bridal shower tomorrow.
5. Getting the guest bathroom clean before the bridal shower.
6. Working out.
7. Putting in a few more hours at work.
8. Not sitting at home on a Friday night.
9. Taking a shower.
10. Taking a quick nap before picking up my surprise at the airport at midnight.

What I Am Doing Right Now-

Allowing my cats to use me as their personal snuggle toy. And somethings just cannot be interrupted.

Fairy Godmother of the Princess Parade

Last weekend I got to be the Fairy Godmother at Princess Clara's 4th Birthday Party. (Birthday Party is always capitalized when referring to the party of a princess. Obviously.)

Apparently all 4 year old girls have princess dresses. And when princesses attend a party they wear their finest princess attire, as you can see below.

Princess Clara had requested a fairy butterfly princess theme for her birthday. And she got it.

As the Fairy Godmother of this party it was my job to read the princesses a story about them. (You too can read this story on my StoryAnnie blog.) I also gave the princesses instructions on how to wave properly in a Princess Parade. The Princesses were then all given very special Birthday Wands. And then I lead them all in a Princess Parade.

For those of you unfamiliar with a Princess Parade, it is where the Princesses all wave their wands, and wave at their admirers, while walking in a line together.

And after all the little lovely Princesses (and one little bro…

Unbridled McBride, Let Erin Be Erin, Neurotic Me Day

I am here to make some confessions. Some of you may not believe what I am about to say. But the truth is, I hold back my inside crazies a lot.
Some people like to pretend they don't have crazies. I don't believe them. I say you should embrace your inner crazy and have fun with it. However, I have so many crazies, that I do keep a lot of it in. You should be a little scared that the crazies you do see in me are only the crazies I let you see. There's plenty o' crazies on the inside still.
I'm on a diet right now. A no fun, no thrills, this had better work for me if I'm going to put up with all this crap, diet. And basically, I'm having to put all my mental energy into not breaking my diet. Which meant today I had to allow my crazies to come out. My mental energy cannot keep my crazies in and also not eat chocolate. It just doesn't work that way.
So today was let Erin be Erin day, or Neurotic Me day, or if I feel like sounding poetic "Unbridled McBri…

Whirlwinds in St George

Inquiring minds want to know-

Yes, I lead the Princess parade. I will have pictures for you soon. (Won't I, Heidi?)

And then I went to St George with the Caldwell Chicks. It was lovely.

Did you know it is possible to sneeze 20 sets of sneezes (I never sneeze a solo sneeze. They come in 3-5 reps.) in 30 minutes? Do you have any idea how much that hurts?

It was very windy and sunny in St George.

There was a pool. And In-N-Out Burger. Which means there will be pictures soon.

There wasn't a lot of catching up on sleep. And while I didn't reach "obsession" levels with my thoughts about a particular boy, I also didn't not think about him. I'm pretty sure I need to just stop thinking about him. Its not healthy being this confused.

Did I mention I didn't really cheat on my diet this weekend? I'm rather proud of myself.

And now I am home and my kittens are showing me how much they missed me.

Goodbye Dodge

My plans for the weekend include-

1. Leading the Princess Parade
2. Reading a story to the Princesses
3. Losing 2 lbs
4. Going to a much warmer and sunnier place.
5. Getting something akin to a suntan.
6. Reading a book in a sunny place.
7. Hanging with some of my favorite girls.
8. Going to an LDS Temple Dedication.
9. Catching up on sleep, while Juli drives.
10. Not obsessing over a certain boy.

Paranoia Creeps In

If I seem a little jittery, jumpy, or just a little more neurotic than usual lately, well, I've earned it. There's the usual life stuff going on, plus all the big stuff I'm anticipating in the near future, and that scary nagging voice in the back of my head. The little voice that keeps watching the calendar and the bank account and reminding me incessantly what I have gone through over the last 2 years.
You remember the last 2 years don't you? Where I had a job for 6 months and lost it. And then had another job for six months and lost it, and lost all my money, and then had another job for 6 weeks and lost it? And then was unemployed for a few months? And then finally got this job just about 6 months ago?
See a pattern forming here?
We're quickly closing in on that 6 month mark. Things feel stable enough, but then again, so did the first 3 jobs too. There's a new stress with this job that I have never met my co-workers. I'm just an invisible girl, or better…

How I Know I Live in Very Mormon Utah County

When I was about 16 years old I made my first trip to Utah. Natalie and I flew out here alone for a week at a summer camp at BYU together. A shuttle bus picked us up at the airport and drove us down to Provo. I can still remember watching in wide-eyed amazement at the number of LDS Chapels I could see from the highway. I started counting them- 17 in all from Salt Lake to Provo visible from the freeway.
Now I live in Utah and the number of chapels I see daily doesn't even begin to faze me. (There is still one intersection in Orem with 4 chapels on it that makes me laugh a little bit.) My stake (that's a geographic designation for a collection of approximately 8 congregations) is going to be divided on Sunday (because our stake is now too big and has 10 congregations in it, each busting at the seams). This means on Sunday I have to go to a different chapel for church for the big stake meeting. Being new to my neighborhood, I have no idea where our stake building is. So I asked s…

It's a Small World After All

Back in Virginia or DC it was a fairly common occurrence for a new acquaintance to come up to me and say, "Are you [insert one of 100 different cousin's names here]'s cousin?" Coming from a large LDS family in Virginia with a strong family resemblance and unique surname, this happened just often enough that it never surprised me.
Until yesterday, it had never happened in Utah that I can recall. Yesterday, Little and I were outside painting some projects in the front yard (more about what not to do with spray paint later) when two of my neighbors walked up to me. They introduced themselves and asked where I was from. They told me they had both gone to school at Southern Virginia University. Next thing I know we've played the "do you know" game, and they both knew/know several of my cousins, and my uncle was their bishop.
These two girls are my next door neighbors. (I live on the corner and as a result have 4 different houses that I can call my next door…

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we go out to buy spray paint and come home with a kitten

Today was supposed to be all about house projects. And it did sort of start that way. And I guess it may still end that way. Just a lot furrier.

First, I woke up like this. (It takes a brave woman to post a picture just this awful of herself online. But try not to look at the size of my nose and focus on the cuteness of the kitten who loves to snuggle with me like that.)

How can you not love that snuggle?

It was a lovely day, so I opened all of the windows and ate pancakes. Then I went out the front door, making sure to shut and lock it behind me, and went to get my Diet Coke from Maverick. I came home, didn't go back in the house, opened the garage, and set to work cleaning my car out. Next thing I know, Stinky (my cat) is in the car with me! Thinking I must have left him in the garage when I ran to the store, and let him out when I opened it, I just picked him up, and tossed him back in the house. I returned to cleaning the car. Two seconds later, Stinky is back in the car with …

Random thoughts I feel like sharing

Last week sometime I mentioned that I was tired of wearing pants and jeans that never fit right. Since then, with only a few small exceptions, I have worn primarily dresses or skirts. Why? Just because. I have long legs and a very short round waist and a larger than average chest. As a result, it's really hard to find shirts that fit right, pants that don't sag in the thights while being too tight in the butt, etc. The right dress covers all these ills. I don't plan on going back to pants any time soon.

The amazing Mindy Gledhill is currently touring in Bulgaria! She's singing in orphanages. And if all goes well, she's going to keep blogging (and even twittering) about it. She's a great blogger. If beautiful singers touching the hearts of orphans sounds interesting to you, you should really check out her blog.

There are Girl Scout cookies in my house. That's all.

In the few short weeks I have lived in my house, responsible for a lot more than I ever was be…

Anyone need a good laugh? Here's my morning for you.

Got up, did the usual, went to Mavericks, got my Diet Coke, where the chick in line behind me kindly taps on my shoulder and says, "I live next door to you. I see you here every morning but haven't ever said hi before." I think she may have said her name, but I had not yet imbibed so I didn't really hear it if she said it. It pleases me greatly that she was also getting a huge Diet Coke.
Came home, turned on all lights, rough housed with the cat, decided I needed more chocolate cake, ate it standing up, with my hands in the middle of the living room (you know, holding the cake over my head, mouth open, trying not to get crumbs in my cleavage by holding one hand over my cleavage), the cat decides he wants cake to, and jumps from the ground, straight up, on to my face/chest, causing cake to go flying, and me to do some strange whirling dervish move to break free of attack cat. I grab the cat off of my head, and deposit him in his favorite windowsill.
Look out the windo…

FIRST meme

I hate meme's for the most part, but I really liked the one I saw on Alone and Unobserved's blog today.  So I'm taking it and using it. (Thanks Sean!)

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
Kyle Bradford. We went to different high schools and he was a year older. But we were in the same congregation. I asked him. If I remember correctly, he went to 3 or 4 different proms that year.

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
I'm guessing not since I can't recall who that would really be.

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
Peach daiquiri accidentally consumed at Ruby Tuesdays.

4. What was your FIRST job?
Washing hair at a beauty salon.

5. What was your FIRST car?
Dodge Neon

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
My cute neighbor boy (see post above for explanation).

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Mrs. Croft.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
Probably Samoa.

10. Who was your…

Me and the Man in the Moon

I finally got my office set up this weekend. And for the first time, I am working in it. It's just a small bedroom that I will be using as an office space, but for someone who works from home and has an "Erin-Sized Butt Print" permanently pushed into the couch, this is a sanctuary.

Tonight I have all of the lights off so that I can stare out my window at the full moon over the mountains. It's a beautiful sight. Sometimes it is nice to turn off the tv, the radio, and all the other noisemakers in the house, and just stare up at the man in the moon. The only thing i will miss about my last 2 places of residence was the semi-privacy of my bedrooms where I could leave the blinds up at night without fear of anyone seeing me, so that I could lay in bed at look out into the night.

Tonight the one constant man in the moon in my life is telling me to go to bed early and laughing at me, because only I could manage to lose 32 sharpie pens in the move. Seriously, where did they …

Five Traits You Want in a Guy

Every week in my spam folder I get an email from some singles group in Utah. Because it is possibly the worst formatted email in history, and then it asks me to pay for it (and yet it still keeps coming), I almost never read it. But today I glanced through it to see if I could actually figure out any of it in between the bad formatting and erratic fonts and colors. Much to my surprise, after thousands of bad characters, I found one completely legible section at the bottom of the email. And I enjoyed it. And I thought I'd share it. I think it applies to both men and women, both ways, even if it is written about men for women. Also, I think it applies to singles as well as marrieds. Lately I've been watching different marrieds I know and realizing they are unhappy because they forget to "date" each other. I feel bad for them. Anyway, I hope y'all find this as interesting as I did. Too bad it wasn't credited, or I'd share the credit where it is deserved.

5 T…

Sneak Peak Into Little's Room

A little sneak peak into what we did yesterday!

There is one very "amethyst" room upstairs with about 20 gumballs hanging from the ceiling. I'll post a picture of the gumballs when it is all finished. But so far, it looks really cool. It's much better than I expected!

Oh and the Cute Blushing Boy came over too.

Stupid, stupid, stupid

I'm trying again. I'm trying to put myself out there and meet people again. I really am. I am truly dedicated to meeting people and having a social life.

Which is why I "put myself out there" with a guy today.

And you know what happened?


Absolutely freaking NOTHING happened.

As in, boys are stupid and don't even know how to respond.

Seriously, why do we even bother?

Erin of Old Returns

I am considering returning to the days of Erin of Old and throwing a party.

Carry on.

Hanging Gumballs is Not a Euphemism

I thought I'd update you on what I have been up to with Little lately and some of the plans we have for this new house. (Sidenote, if you are new to this blog, and you might be today, "Little" is my little sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She's also frequently my partner in crime.) Little now has her "own" room. We haven't clearly defined exactly what she'll be doing with this room, but since there is a room free, it is all hers. We've been picking out furniture, paint, and decorations for her room. So far this involves a daybed from Ikea, lavender colored walls, a moon chair (like from the movie Men in Black), a desk, and hanging gumballs from the ceiling. Don't worry we'll come back to the gumballs in a minute.

Here's the bed she wants-

It comes with an optional pull out headboard that can convert into a desk and has a hiding spot inside of it. She has big plans for that hiding spot. What exactly she thinks she nee…


Things That Make Me Happy Today:
1. My cat may have a vicious streak a mile wide in him, but he still thinks I walk on water. As I type this he is purring and sleeping away, cuddled up against my arm and shoulder. That kind of devotion can't be found just anywhere.
2. I love my new house. It boggles my mind that all this junk used to fit in one tiny apartment. But I really do like my new house. I'm never going back to apartment life. Ever.
3. I like my job. Like any job it has its ups and downs, but for the most part, I'm really starting to enjoy it.
4. Today I was thinking about THIS necklace, and how I have wanted it for years. I always thought I wanted someone else to give it to me. But today I realized it makes me happy that I can get it for myself.(Don't look at the price tag. Only a fool would pay full price at Tiffany's.)
5. I actually had fun out with friends on Friday night. (If and when the pictures surface, I will share one.)
6. I had fun shopping this w…