Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone need a good laugh? Here's my morning for you.

Got up, did the usual, went to Mavericks, got my Diet Coke, where the chick in line behind me kindly taps on my shoulder and says, "I live next door to you. I see you here every morning but haven't ever said hi before." I think she may have said her name, but I had not yet imbibed so I didn't really hear it if she said it. It pleases me greatly that she was also getting a huge Diet Coke.
Came home, turned on all lights, rough housed with the cat, decided I needed more chocolate cake, ate it standing up, with my hands in the middle of the living room (you know, holding the cake over my head, mouth open, trying not to get crumbs in my cleavage by holding one hand over my cleavage), the cat decides he wants cake to, and jumps from the ground, straight up, on to my face/chest, causing cake to go flying, and me to do some strange whirling dervish move to break free of attack cat. I grab the cat off of my head, and deposit him in his favorite windowsill.
Look out the window, and see Cute Neighbor Boy and his dog standing about 15 feet away from me and the window. He waves. He laughs. Clearly finding it hilarious that we can see each other at 7:15 in the morning. I smile. I pray all he saw was me standing in my gray sweatpants and pink t-shirt putting a cat in the window, and not the whirling dervish dance from seconds previous.


  1. dude. i think he saw you. and i think it's awesome!

    and how would it be to actually have cleavage? hmmm. i will never know.

  2. p.s. i have to wonder who's stalking who (whom?) now...

  3. This cracked me up. I totally get crumbs in my cleavage too. And popcorn when I go to the movies.

  4. that is awesome! much better way to start the day than some boring way.

  5. Is cute neighbor boy cute blushing boy? or is cute neighbor boy like some darling 8 year old?

  6. Assume he saw the embarrassing part, but act as if he didn't. Brazen it out!

    I mean, at least you were clothed. My neighbors have occasionally not been so lucky with me.

  7. yes, cute neighbor boy is also known as the cute blushing boy.


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