Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Me and the Man in the Moon

I finally got my office set up this weekend. And for the first time, I am working in it. It's just a small bedroom that I will be using as an office space, but for someone who works from home and has an "Erin-Sized Butt Print" permanently pushed into the couch, this is a sanctuary.

Tonight I have all of the lights off so that I can stare out my window at the full moon over the mountains. It's a beautiful sight. Sometimes it is nice to turn off the tv, the radio, and all the other noisemakers in the house, and just stare up at the man in the moon. The only thing i will miss about my last 2 places of residence was the semi-privacy of my bedrooms where I could leave the blinds up at night without fear of anyone seeing me, so that I could lay in bed at look out into the night.

Tonight the one constant man in the moon in my life is telling me to go to bed early and laughing at me, because only I could manage to lose 32 sharpie pens in the move. Seriously, where did they go??? All 32 of them?!


  1. Jan (aka Joyful)11:39 PM

    Are you sure they're not in the bottom of your purse somewhere? Honestly, I usually have about a dozen or so pens in mine.

    Unless I need one.

  2. Just be grateful it is only pens missing and not something really important. Pens are at least replaceable.

  3. I think the real question is why do you OWN 32 sharpie pens? Seriously, who needs that much permanent ink?! ;)


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