Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we go out to buy spray paint and come home with a kitten

Today was supposed to be all about house projects. And it did sort of start that way. And I guess it may still end that way. Just a lot furrier.

First, I woke up like this. (It takes a brave woman to post a picture just this awful of herself online. But try not to look at the size of my nose and focus on the cuteness of the kitten who loves to snuggle with me like that.)

How can you not love that snuggle?

It was a lovely day, so I opened all of the windows and ate pancakes. Then I went out the front door, making sure to shut and lock it behind me, and went to get my Diet Coke from Maverick. I came home, didn't go back in the house, opened the garage, and set to work cleaning my car out. Next thing I know, Stinky (my cat) is in the car with me! Thinking I must have left him in the garage when I ran to the store, and let him out when I opened it, I just picked him up, and tossed him back in the house. I returned to cleaning the car. Two seconds later, Stinky is back in the car with me! WTF? I take and put him back in the house, double checking to make sure the doors are shut. One minute later? Cat is running towards me across the front yard. HOW THE HECK?

So I picked Stinky up and walked around the outside of the house. And that's when I discovered the windows on the back of the house don't have screens on them. Stinky sees the open window, jumps from my arms, and back into the house. Crazy. I shut the screenless windows and go back to the car. I clean the car out, clean and organize the garage, talk to some neighbors, and decide I need a can of spray paint to finish a project.

I drive to Wa!mart for spray paint. That's where I saw the pretty lady with the box of kittens.

And that's also where I discovered I have no self control and had to have the cute little black baby kitten with the white nose and white tip on his tail and his cute blue eyes.

I picked him up. I snuggled him. It was love at first sight.

I (bought the spray paint and kitten food) took my new little tiny love home. He started out inside my jacket, all snuggled up next to me while I drove home. But he got out and started exploring the car. No big deal. It's a 3 minute drive home. I heard her (him?) meowing a little bit, but didn't worry.

I got home, looked in the back seat, and nothing. Looked under the seats. Nothing. Looked EVERYWHERE. Nothing. WTF?? Where did she/he go? How can a kitten that was there just one minute before just disappear??

I must have made quite the spectacle opening all of the doors to the car, looking under the seats, climbing around, and starting to panic. I then saw my nice neighbor, Becky, walking with her baby. I flagged her over. She first took her baby home and came over to help me. She gave me exactly the look I deserved when I said, "I lost my cat in the car!"

We looked in the car, around the car, under the car, EVERYWHERE. Finally we found the tiny little furball of love. My car is half station wagon, half hatch back. The back seats fold down and there is a "way back." There isn't really a space underneath the backseat. There is about a 2 inch gap though under the seats. And sure enough the tiny furball had managed to climb inside the tiny little gap under the seats. (I also found a necklace I have been missing for 2 years.)

Now, how to get a completely terrified and trembling tiny little furball to come out from under the seat??

I grabbed the very dirty feather duster (that I had used while cleaning out the garage earlier) and started poking and herding the kitten over. This required Becky holding the backs of the seats over at a small angle (so we can see under the seats), and me, butt hanging out of the car, sprawled over the seat, one arm wrapped through the opening at the back of the seat and using my other arm to poke at the kitten.

Let's just say, you missed a very funny sight.

It took nearly 15 minutes of prodding and pushing, a lot of hissing and mewing, and finally being able to grab one little paw and just pulling in spite of the clawing and hissing, to finally get the little tiny furball out.

It was a memorable start to our relationship!

And then it was time to introduce the furball to Stinky. Stinky could be slightly more accepting of his new friend. There has been some hissing, but nothing big. I've pulled out the kennel and the kitten is hiding in it. She/he doesn't want to come out. She's still pretty terrified.

I think it is a she. I'm not 100% since she seems to be a little on the shy side. I have no idea what I am going to name her yet. I'm not very good at naming pets. If you recall, Stinky has now gone by the name Squiggy, Kitten, Cat, Baby, Squiggly, Bo and Bosephus. His ID tag says Bo. I usually just call him Little Stinky Baby. Or just Kitten. It's going to be a little confusing having 2 kittens here. I'm still hoping to get a puppy in a few months from my sister's bitch. When that happens that puppy will be named Ruby Tuesday (Ruby Too). And I like pop culturish names. Any suggestions?

Also, tomorrow after I get dressed for church and look cute, I am taking some pictures of myself. I need to post some not so scary pictures of myself after posting so many awful ones lately!


  1. Oh how I envy your impulsive nature to just bring another pet home. Good for you!

    I read a book once where the character's cat was named Claude. Get it? Clawed! If she's a girl, how about Claudia?


    Tee hee - word verification: froun

  2. Andi votes for the name Cutie. Cali votes Oreo. I personally don't think pets sould be tortured by naming them after baked goods...

    I'm going a little Mother Goose obscure here. Since you already have a Bo, I'm voting Peep. L'il Bo and Peep. And since she's a bit shy, she was kind of peeping up from under your tv stand. She's so cute! The girls can't WAIT to meet her!


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