Monday, March 02, 2009


Things That Make Me Happy Today:
1. My cat may have a vicious streak a mile wide in him, but he still thinks I walk on water. As I type this he is purring and sleeping away, cuddled up against my arm and shoulder. That kind of devotion can't be found just anywhere.
2. I love my new house. It boggles my mind that all this junk used to fit in one tiny apartment. But I really do like my new house. I'm never going back to apartment life. Ever.
3. I like my job. Like any job it has its ups and downs, but for the most part, I'm really starting to enjoy it.
4. Today I was thinking about THIS necklace, and how I have wanted it for years. I always thought I wanted someone else to give it to me. But today I realized it makes me happy that I can get it for myself.(Don't look at the price tag. Only a fool would pay full price at Tiffany's.)
5. I actually had fun out with friends on Friday night. (If and when the pictures surface, I will share one.)
6. I had fun shopping this week. And THESE should be arriving tomorrow in the mail.  And you know what would make me really happy after they arrive? Having a fun place to go wear them.

Things I am Thinking About
1. Getting a dog. It's not that I love dogs so much and want one badly. It's that I feel lame going for walks by myself and would like to have a dog to take with me. Particularly a dog that can do some hiking with me and be something of a guard dog at home. I'd like to get a puppy from my sister's dog, Ruby, who is an English Boxer. (I even have a cute name picked out for it, Ruby Tuesday, and I can call it Ruby Two/Too.) But that may be too big of a dog for me. So maybe a bulldog instead? I don't know. What's a good, short-haired, medium sized dog, that can be energetic?
2. Where to go on a decent vacation alone? Before the foster children arrive (in about 3-4 more months) I'd like to take a fun vacation. Since I'm a very single person, I'm probably going to have to do this alone. Not my first choice, but there's no one to go with me. So where do I go? Where would be fun to go alone? I want a place where the dollar is strong. It doesn't have to be international, but it can be. There's a lot of places that could be fun alone, but for me, the chance to go be alone is not the thrill. I'm ALWAYS alone. So relaxing solo on a beach meditating isn't all that appealing to me. Been there.
3. How the movie and book, "He's Just Not That Into You," should be required viewing/reading. And how I am going to make sure I go see it every week possible. Seriously. And how it doesn't matter at all that the cutest boy I know was incredibly cute and funny and sweet to me this week. You know why? Because the movie is right. If he was into me, he'd be doing something to see me. It doesn't matter at all how he acts when I see him, if he isn't making any efforts to see me.
4. I'm tired of wearing jeans that never fit right. I'm considering going all dresses and skirts (and sweats in the house). I just like them better.

Things I'm Going to do Differently This Week
1. Get up earlier than usual and work out and read. Or join a gym and work out after work. I haven't decided. I think the decision will be made around 6:30 am tomorrow. In my wildest imagination, I'm going to do both. I'm going to do my killer workout DVD in the morning, and go to the gym at night.
2. Not wear pants. And instead wear dresses.
3. Reply to all emails immediately. No more 600 unread emails.
4. Go to bed before 11 pm.
5. Try not to eat a cheeseburger every single day. You have no idea how hard this goal will be for me.
6. Get a manicure, facial, and eyebrow tint and wax.
7. Get out of my comfort zone at least once this week.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I would totally go on vacay with you! I've been needing a small trip myself but haven't wanted to go alone!

  2. Hi
    I stumbled across your blog on LDS BLOGS. I thought you mighe be interested in a site my wife and I just built called, which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to feature any of these videos on your blog, or just share them with non-member friends. We're hoping these videos will be missionary tools to help members share their beliefs. Anyway, sorry to spam your comments section. I couldn't find any contact information for you on your blog.

    - Doug & Laurel

  3. I love your list!

    And if you ever need a weekend camping trip, let me know. Himself doesn't like it as much as I do. And I don't require showers or flush toilets even. :)

  4. Come to Colorado! I'll go skiing with you.
    If you come in the summer - There are tons of places I haven't seen yet!

    Aw...don't get a dog. Be a cat person. My friend and her husband have a cat they take for walks. If you think a dog is a conversation starter... try a cat on a leash!! Two downsides - 1) they spend a good deal of time standing with the leash up in the air because Jack is investigating a tree. and 2) Now they have a cat that stands by the door and mews for it's walk!

  5. I think you need to come visit me.


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