Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unbridled McBride, Let Erin Be Erin, Neurotic Me Day

I am here to make some confessions. Some of you may not believe what I am about to say. But the truth is, I hold back my inside crazies a lot.
Some people like to pretend they don't have crazies. I don't believe them. I say you should embrace your inner crazy and have fun with it. However, I have so many crazies, that I do keep a lot of it in. You should be a little scared that the crazies you do see in me are only the crazies I let you see. There's plenty o' crazies on the inside still.
I'm on a diet right now. A no fun, no thrills, this had better work for me if I'm going to put up with all this crap, diet. And basically, I'm having to put all my mental energy into not breaking my diet. Which meant today I had to allow my crazies to come out. My mental energy cannot keep my crazies in and also not eat chocolate. It just doesn't work that way.
So today was let Erin be Erin day, or Neurotic Me day, or if I feel like sounding poetic "Unbridled McBride Day." I let my neurotic side hang out.

(What I sometimes look like when letting it all hang out.)
I over analyzed boys. Okay, well, just the one boy. It was fun. I read way too much into a 2 sentence email (something I normally forbid myself to do). I talked to him on the phone, then called my girlfriends to nitpick everything he said. And then decided in the end that he likes me. It was the best explanation for his funny actions. Normally my slightly reined in neurosis tells me he doesn't like me. I may like the neurotic side better.

And then, when not working, I looked at purses online. And shoes. And dresses. And then more purses. This was an important part of the letting the neurotic side run free. My obsession with purses knows no end.

Tomorrow I will return to Reined In Me. I will go see "He's Just Not That Into You" to remind myself of reality. And then I'll look at my budget and realize that no matter how much I justify it, I cannot afford a $550 purse.

And then on Friday I will allow myself to cheat on this diet. The lack of cheeseburgers alone is killing me!!


  1. Hey lady! I love the water skiing pic! and is that a crystal purse! incredible! [Hey, for your diet, I hope you're not drinking diet soda. Check out "Aspartame: Sweet Misery" on Youtube, you'll see what i mean.] I think the world could use a little more crazies, so I say wooohooo!

  2. Hey, I love that day! I wish I could do that, but once you have kids around it's harder. You'll find that out soon with your fosters;). Although, I often do have 'Mommy's off duty' time.

    I guess I'm not much of a woman, because I don't get the whole purse & shoe thing. Although with the MS there are only so many shoes I can wear (balance, comfort, etc.). But Dayle, now she is in to the whole purse, shoe & dress thing.

    I didn't miss the Princess Parade pictures did I?

  3. Jen Griffith12:38 AM

    I am so glad I'm not the only person who has looked at waaay too many accessories online during moments of neurosis. The year I homeschooled I logged more hours looking at designer shoes than should be allowed in a lifetime. I fear I'll someday be held accountable for these lost hours...


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