Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Twittelating Weekend

This has been a crazy - FUN- weekend! Rather than try and explain the whole fun process, I thought I'd share my "twitters" with you, and then fill in a few blanks-

10:30 am
There's a bridal shower in my house. And a lotta girly squealing!

My surprise was revealed- I flew my sister out for the shower!
Its cousin Colette's shower, thrown by Merry Brooke. Natalie and Savannah are here too!

4 pm
Natalie and I go shopping, shopping, shopping, and eating out. 

8 pm

hitting the tavernacle tonight w/ my sister!  (The Tavernacle is a dueling piano singalong bar in SLC. My sister and I both LOVE singalong bars!)

9 pm

Singalong bar is singing "puff the magic dragon"

Why don't we get drunk and screw? #singalong bar

Day the Music Died (how I feel about this #singalong bar) (Natalie feels I should explain this was her request for the bar to sing!)
Natalie sings (to another of her requests) "OH-OH LIVING ON A PRAYER!"

10 pm

this is officially the longest i have ever been in a bar without getting hit on.

Singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody (another of Natalie's requests!)

piano player is killing, in a bad way,i will survive

10:30 pm

hot guy walked in. sis feeling bad i'm so single, tried to bait and hook him for me. sadly, he's married. poo!
(I had no idea she was getting up to go talk to the guy. I thought she was just getting a drink. Next thing I know she's talking to the hot guy, asking if he's with a date. If he hadn't been with a date/married, she was going to invite him to join us.)

YMCA- straight guy style

The Devil just went down to Georgia #now I like this bar

12 am

So I just totally got what I deserved. I dedicated "Baby Got Back" to my sister!

And got put on stage to demonstrate how to shake that thing.

A whole bar looking at my butt. Aw yeah!

Lesson learned. Dedicate "Baby Got Back" to a friend in a bar, expect to be publicly humiliated. Natalie and I both got pulled on stage to dance and "shake that healthy butt!" I'll add here, it was the biggest crowd pleaser of the night! There are no pictures in our possession of this because we were on stage.

12:15 am
And now I get hit on. Finally. My butt has magical powers.

But you all knew that already anyway!

Natalie makes an awesome wing"man." It was a lovely weekend. Now I have approximately 2 hours to get to the airport. So sad for Erin.



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  1. Haha! Too funny-- sounds like so much fun!!:)


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