Thursday, April 30, 2009

CNN's Five Dating Habits- cute or crazy

Today's CNN column on dating cracked me up. Let's review it together, shall we?

1. Pets- they say 1 is good, 2 is borderline, 3 is crazy. Um, I have 1 cat, 1 kitten, and I'm giving a lot of thought to getting a puppy soon. Strike 1 against me apparently.

2. Toys- apparently you are cute if you hold on to one childhood toy, crazy if you have multiples. I have one teddy bear I was given at birth, and a stuffed Snoopy. Neither one are visible to the public. I say the fact that they live in secret, and I never named the bear, makes me not crazy. So only Strike 2 against me.

3. Opening yourself to your date's hobbies- Going to a game with them is okay. Painting your face for the game is not. I've picked up some of my favorite hobbies this way. I say I fall into the cute category. No strikes.

4. Caregiving- its cute to bring soup over, bad to clean their refrigerator. I can safely say I have never violated this one.

5. Background research- apparently it makes you crazy to stalk and google your date. I'm screwed. Strike 3.

Well, at least we know now why I'm not married.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Always on my mind

Things on my mind in no particular order-
Camping this summer
White water rafting this summer
Tubing (poor and boring man's white water rafting)
Getting a dog in time to go camping this summer.
Lawn care
Giving the tiny kitten a bath (she/he had his/her first one this afternoon. it didn't go well.)
How will I ever meet single men?
The men I do know and what they do to me. Or don't do for me as the case may be.
How will I ever get a life when I work from home, have no co-workers, have no singles in my ward, and only hang out with married people and small children?
Going to DC this summer- where am I going to get the money? the time? and who would I stay with? (after all, my parents live in Roanoke now)
I need a haircut.
Taking a weekend off and going up to Deer Valley and just holing up to finish writing my current novel. It will never happen here at home with all the dishes, cats, and laundry.
Money. My budget.
The commitment required of foster parents.
Buying bedroom furniture before my brother gets here in 3 weeks.
My sweet little nephews and what songs to put on their mp3 players.
How very badly I want a Jeep Wrangler or a BMW Mini Cooper S. I never thought I'd say this, but the Jeep is a lot more practical, isn't it?

But mostly I am thinking about prayers and the answers received to prayers. Last night I had the rare chance to offer a much more heart felt prayer than usual. Today I admit there were moments when I felt disappointed that I hadn't received an answer to my humble request. And then, like answers to prayers often do, my heart was softened and I realized I had received the answer, that the thing I was needing had happened, several hours before. But that I hadn't realized or accepted at the time that it was exactly what I was looking for. I apologize for being cryptic and vague, but it was something of a personal nature. And the answer wasn't as big and as obvious as I had been hoping for. It was even something of a let down. And I questioned whether or not I could stay happy if that is how things were to remain. I had to calm and center myself to accept that, yes, if this is what the Lord wants, then this is what will make me happy. I shall leave things in His hands, and be happy with the results.

*edited to include more stuff on my mind*
Car registration
planning the float for the parade
I need to find a notary. Or suck it up and go to the notary I know, but am too shy to talk to.
What's the difference between a financial advisor and an accountant? And which do I need?
Should I call DCFS about my neighbors again?
I really need a haircut.
Why isn't my current marketing campaign moving faster virally? Its a good contest.
I need to download iTunes so I can buy the new Due West song.
I need to call Mindy Gledhill.
I need to go to the gym today.
Don't forget to pay the rent on Friday!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Life as a Single Girl

I've had a lot to say lately about what it feels like to be a single woman in her 30's. For those of you who are bored by this, move along. For those of you who struggle with this lifestyle as much as I do, this is for you.

We live alonw

Why Aunties Adore Their Nephews

1. They pick us dandelions, and can barely contain their excitement when they present us with "lowlers."
2. They ask if it is snuggle time yet.
3. As soon as snuggle time is over they ask if it is tickle or wrestle time. 
4. They jump off things, run into things, and destroy things with total exuberance.
5. They fall asleep in the most peculiar of places.

A Weekend in Reno

My laptop, head cold, and I packed up and flew out to Reno for the weekend. I took a class on Saturday at UNR on Wordpress. I met the founder of Wordpress, Matt Mullenweg while there. That was pretty cool. I picked up a few interesting skills, and am looking forward to using them soon.

And as you may have noticed, Reno is where my sister, brother in law, and nephews live. So naturally, this post is now going to be all about how cute my little men are.
My 3 little men snuggling in a sleeping bag and watching Saturday morning cartoons together.

Tell is now 9 years old. He's getting into music, and spent most of the weekend obsessed with his mp3 player. He brought it to me and asked me to delete some of his dad's music off of it. So naturally I put some of my own music on it. Something has gone terribly awry, and my nephew is a bluegrass fan, but hates country. I'm not sure how to handle that! He's more grown up than I am really ready for him to be. But he's a good kid, and adores his dad.

Dallin is now 7 years old and is all about his computer! Several years ago I introduced Dallin to some silly game online. It wasn't an english website, so the title and URL of the game can't be easily googled. But the game didn't require any language skills. He has begged me many times to find him the "bunny surgery" game online again. Each time I tell him I have no idea what it was called, so I can't look it up. Yesterday he asked, yet again, and I gave the same answer. So he went over to the computer and googled "bunny surgery game" all by himself, and found the game. I'm not sure which part surprises me more- that Dallin can spell "bunny surgery" or that he knows how to google.

Porter is pretty much your textbook 4 year old. He's into his dog, Ruby, race cars, and wearing dress up costumes that involve capes, superheroes, and things that fly. Normally when I visit Porter isn't the one who takes the most notice of me. But this trip was very different in that Porter has taken me in as his new best friend. He even offered me a race car to put in my pocket while we watched Sponge Bob together. In 4 yr old world, that's the biggest compliment you can get.

On Saturday night (after my class), we built a fort in the living room with chairs and blankets and a mattress on the floor. The boys and I climbed inside and watched "Iron Man" on my laptop (Porter calls it "Fire Man" though!). Natalie joined us for some of our snuggle and fort time. By the end of the movie all 3 boys, plus the dog, were asleep on me. So cute! We got Tell and Dallin back up, and they went to sleep in their own beds. But Porter was sooooo excited to get to sleep with Aunt Erin in the fort, that he and I stayed in there the whole night.

Our little Sweet P sleeping in the fort. 

 Ruby giving me wake up kisses. Porter thought this was hilarious.

It was a short and fast trip, but plenty of fun nonetheless. Unfortunately, I was still pretty sick and miserable for much of the trip. I was worried about bringing my germs with me, but Natalie assured me Tell was sick already, so my germs would just blend in. Tell and I took turns coughing and using the kleenex all weekend. And now that I'm home I've almost entirely lost my voice. Hopefully a nice long night of sleep and lots of hot fluids will help me find my voice again, because I have a LONG week ahead of me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The miracle pill that is driving me crazy

It's 1:30 am and I am wide awake. SUCKS.

What feels like a million years ago when I was 19 years old and returning home from my first semester at BYU, I went to an allergist for the first time. I had just spent the majority of the school year sick with a head cold. We're talking nearly every single day of college I was sick. So I went to an allergist back home in Virginia for a diagnosis. I will never forget the first words she said, "Well, you'll want to avoid ever living in the Rocky Mountain West." She then went on to explain that I was allergic to pretty much everything that grows in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. She had no idea that at the time I was attending college in Utah. She also mentioned that I had your typical mold, dust, and pollen allergies, which was also not good seeing as I lived in my parents' basement (a veritable harbinger of mold and dust). So I started allergy shots, but when I left for school again I never kept up with them. Living in VA all I ever needed was Claritin or something similar, and I could get by.

Not so much in Utah.

Holy Hannah! Here I stay on a regular course of Claritin or Zyrtec, and still have massive flare-ups every time the season changes. This week has been one of the worst weeks I've ever had. We went from 6 inches of snow last week, to everything blooming and 80 degree sunny days this week. Which for me is a bomb waiting to go off! Massive congestion, sore throat, swollen, itchy, puffy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and exhaustion. You name it, I had it this week. I also had every cold medicine under the sun.

Dayquil? Nothing. Nyquil? Well, I did sleep for 30 minutes until my stuffy nose woke me back up. Claritin-D? I have no idea if it was working. Alka Seltzer cold? Totally failed me. My rescue inhaler? Worked for a few minutes. Finally I went back and got Mucinex-D. And hallelujah, we had progress. A few doses of that and I was breathing through my nose, my throat didn't hurt, and I could walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Oh, and a 4 hour nap helped things tremendously as well.

You only take Mucinex-D every 12 hours. At about 9 hours in I was getting congested again, so I looked back at the box to see if I could take another drug to add to the decongesting process. That was when I found out that you are supposed to take TWO pills, not just 1! I gladly took another dose of the Mucinex, and felt better soon.

And that, people, is why I am wide awake. The stinking Mucinex, for all its wonderful qualities, also wakes me up. I have a conference call I am supposed to be on in 6 hours. That will last roughly 3 hours. And then I will have just enough time to wrap up a few loose ends at work, and then rush to the airport, fly to Reno, and get on with a very busy weekend. I do not have time to NOT BE SLEEPING! Instead, here I sit, at nearly 2 am, watching my tivo'd shows, and thinking I don't have enough friends who are up at 2 am.

(Oh and for those of you wondering why I don't get allergy shots now- I probably will go get them again once I have health insurance again.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fine, you win!

All you DC people, I get it, you are trying to make me homesick. Fine! You win! All the pictures you keep posting of the cherry blossoms, the monuments, the kite flying festival, even the Zoo. I get it. DC is superior and beautiful, and I should want to be there.
I'm homesick. Now will you stop slowly killing me??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

I never did figure out what it was I was supposed to be doing this weekend. But thank you all for the very interesting suggestions nonetheless. I opted for Little's soccer game, the gym, a movie, and babysitting Heidi's kids.
Funny story, Heidi's little girl (Princess Clara) still calls me "Fairy Godmother," rather than Erin. (I don't think we need to correct that any time soon.) She's only seen me dressed up as her fairy godmother previously, and she had been told her fairy godmother was coming over to play with her. Words can't describe the look of total confusion, disgust, and possible disappointment on her face when I walked in the house wearing flip flops and jeans. She immediately said, "Fairy Godmudder, whatchu have on?" She was perfectly happy when I told her later that it was just a disguise so that everyone didn't know I was a fairy godmother.
And now it is Monday and I return to my life as a full-time social media expert, blogger, and internet lurker, where I will be promoting the 30 Seconds of Fame Commercial Contest. This little project is my brainchild and number one priority for the next month. Got a video camera? ENTER THE CONTEST!! Or at least do me a favor and spread the word on your blogs. Pretty please?
And on that happy note, I'm looking forward to picking up Little this afternoon and getting outside for some playtime in the sun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memory is the first thing to go

Can someone please remind me what it is I am supposed to be doing this Saturday? Because I honestly can't remember. I do recall that I am supposed to be really busy. I remember that Little has a soccer game. But I'm also vaguely recalling something about being worried I wouldn't be home when the kid comes over to mow the dandelion field (aka my yard).
So if I have plans with you, or we discussed me going to do something, can you please remind me? Because I know there was something. I really do. I just have no freaking clue what it was.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I Don't Think I Should Have to Pay My State Taxes

Remember how nearly 9 months ago my former employer, Tricia McGarry, screwed me and my co-workers over and didn't pay us, shorted our paychecks, and bounced the last paycheck she did give me?
And how I've been dealing with the completely incompetent wage and labor office trying to recover the nearly $4,000 she owes me?
Well, now you know why I am strongly protesting (in my head) paying state taxes. They can't be bothered to help me recover income, but I should pay them sales tax, state income taxes, property taxes, car registration feeds, and the lovely court costs from last week?
Sorry, State of Utah, but we're going to have to fight this one out. How can I possibly pay you income taxes on income you haven't recovered for me??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Other Blogs

I'm not sure if this blog is aware of my other blogs. For work I write for several other blogs. And today one of those blogs has a great guest blog post that I think you should all read! (Hi Cody, if you are reading this!) Check out the Antarctic Cowboy guest spot at CheapOair's blog . Our usual topics are cheap fares and destinations.
I also write for our other blog we call For the Love of Travel where we talk more about the wanderlust side of travel. And once a week there's a story about my personal travels.
And hopefully on Wednesday we're going to be making a big announcement across all of our company blogs. I think you will all want to stay tuned for that one!
Oh and hello to my co-workers who are going to find this blog post by way of their Google Alerts. In case you are curious, this is the first time I have ever mentioned the company on my blog. What can I say? A little backlinking never hurt anyone right??

Monday, April 13, 2009

What you can learn about me from the pictures on my cellphone

Here's a few pictures from the last few days. 

All hail the return of soccer season!! I love soccer season. Little and I went to our first Saturday home game (with Misty and Colby), in the rain and cold, and loved it. As always! We bundled up with gloves, and hats, and a blanket during the game, but Little insisted on making sure her hair looked cute for the picture. Trust me, I looked better with the hat on and hoodie up! Is Little not the cutest, most photogenic kid ever? (Good job, J!)

My darling Tiny. Not surprisingly, her name has changed a few times. We've called her Tiny, Little Tiny, Oscar, and now Shamu. Mostly I call her Little Tiny Baby. She's getting cuter by the day. She's starting to play and get frisky. She's also very afraid of grass, and not afraid of strangers, but will rarely let me hold her. 
My Stinky, aka Bo, Squiggy, Kitty, and a dozen other names. This week I am calling him Camo Kitty, because I swear his gray brown coat camouflages him into my dead lawn. In this picture he is patiently stalking "voles," or what may possibly be wild hamsters. I know, wild hamsters, sounds insane, right? But I swear to you, I think I have them in my yard. Stinky has brought me some yard kill this past week. When I got a good look at it, I realized it wasn't a mouse, but something that resembled a hamster on steroids. Its not a mole, or a rat. Utah is known for something called "voles." But this didn't look like that either. It looked like a big fat hamster. My yard is full of these stupid little tunnels, holes, and dirt hills. Stinky spends hours and hours a day guarding the holes, waiting for his chance to pounce. Hopefully Little Tiny will be able to soon join him in ridding my yard of the little varmint! In other dead lawn news, I hired a boy today to mow the dandelions every week for me. Maybe some day there will be grass for him to mow too.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I hereby turn over the "Worst Week Ever Award" to whomever wants it

For the last few hours I've been debating. What should I title my next book?
"An Autobiographical Work of Fiction?"
"You Won't Believe This But..."
"What Doesn't Kill You Makes Great Fodder For a Book"
"When Life Gives You Phosphoric Acid, Make Diet Coke"

I'm thinking they all make great titles for my next book.

Things you will read about in this book, all plucked from my life this week.

1. Asking out a guy, just to meet his supposed possible girlfriend later in the same day.
2. Getting the flu, or something like it.
3. Getting pulled over for (wait for it!) not using my turn signal! And getting 3 tickets! One for not coming to a complete stop, one for the turn signal, and one for having an out of state license. Total damages? EXPENSIVE. (So expensive my trip to Ireland would have cost less and is now canceled.)
4. Vomiting while getting ticketed. (Flu related.)
5. Getting hit on by the cop that gave me the three tickets.
6. Car getting towed. And the police department that towed it not properly recording who towed it. My car goes missing for over 24 hours, just to be found too late for me to get it, and I am now without car until Monday. Also, not cheap. Also without house keys, as they accidentally went with the car.
7. Losing 16 lbs (4 from dieting, 12 from the flu) in record time.
8. The cable/internet company applying my payment to the address I don't live at anymore, and turning off my services three times in one week.
9. Still throwing a party in spite of the fact that I haven't kept down solids in days. But did have a blast at said party!

10. With all of this going on also having to prepare a talk for Easter Sunday church, and a lesson for Relief Society.

Do I get some sort of award for going through all this crap this week? Is there some sort of contest I can enter and win $10,000 for my problems?

Before I sound totally ungrateful though I have to share the things that went right!
1. I lost 16 lbs! I'm 2 dress sizes smaller than I was last week. And who doesn't love that?
2. I have the greatest best friend in the entire universe. Not only did she save me from hell the night of the flu, tickets, and car, but she brought a million wonderful things to the party to help out.
3. At the party I got to see a lot of old friends I haven't seen in years. It was fantastic to get to see them.
4. I had started to think I was going to be sad and lonely on Easter with no one to spend the holiday with. But then realized I have cousins with cars who can come to me! So my darling BYU cousins that I love so much (yes, MB I'm kissing up cause I know you will read this), are coming over for Easter dinner. And I love having them over (not kissing up, just the truth)!
5. There were some of my worst and darkest moments this week when I felt that the Lord had left me to rot. But within moments of this despair I was able to see that the Lord was actually holding me up and was my only strength. What were horrible situations that felt like everything had gone wrong, were also the moments that miracles took place.
6. I won't pretend that having to write a talk and prepare a church lesson haven't added stress to this week. But at the same time, having to focus more than usual on the life of Christ this week has brought a lot of peace and comfort to the situation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight

disclaimer: not my abs

I have had the stomach flu or something going on since Tuesday afternoon, on top of all my other stresses and unreasonably bad days. Just how bad was it?
Well, if we look on the brightside, I have lost 11 lbs.
I'm going to look hot in my dress at the party! My abs haven't seen this much action in years!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Best Friend Ever Award Continues To Go To Juli!

I almost hate to post this after what I posted last because I don't want anyone to ever think that this post is in any way related to those posts. I swear I'm not being bipolar. I'm just being cryptic. So there.


I do hope, that if you are ever in a bind, sick, PMS, and having the absolute worst day ever, you have someone like this in your life to come and rescue you-

Because if your day is ever so bad that you can't even share on your blog what happened, you will need her. A true friend is the one that says, "I'm coming!" When all you can tell her is, "I just need help, and I'll explain later." And then drives 4 hours in the middle of the night for you.
But you know what the best part is about this friend? That at the end of this awful horrible day, someone said to me, "You've got a pretty great friend there. She's a real hoot." 
Yes, even on my worst day ever, my best friend managed to get me to laugh too.
That takes a pretty special friend. One I hope will now forgive me for dedicating a truly twangy country song to her. (Look I even made it with a pink box just for you!)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What it feels like for ME to be single

Over at Segullah today the "Single Ladies" topic has been raised. Considering my emotions and issues of yesterday, (which continue on today), I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my own feelings more in-depth. These are my feelings about what MY life has been like, post age 30, single, in the LDS Church. I feel it is important to point out the age 30 part, because my experiences have been night and day in this regard.

Being single to me means always feeling like the outsider. Even when I am with families I am very close to, or with my own family, I still don't quite fit in.
When my friends who are moms talk about their family holiday traditions, I think of the traditions I knew as a child. I wonder if I will ever get to start traditions of my own?
It means answering awkward "why are you still single" questions. And it means even more awkwardly noticing when people have stopped asking. Does everyone but me finally see the answer?
It means hoping someone else will invite me over for a family dinner, because I know your kids get bored at my house with its lack of toys and children's things.
It means that at the end of a bad day, that there is no one there to put their arm around me. No one to share the burden with. No one to offer to clean the kitchen or make dinner for me. My bad days don't end when someone else walks in the door. They just keep going.
It can also mean getting to do what I want, when I want to do it- if I don't mind my own company.
Being single so often means not being able to escape myself. "Just getting out of the house" for a few minutes, doesn't solve the problem. My thoughts are still with me, and will still be there no matter where it is I go.
It means knowing that no one really cares to hear my problems when I call. Why should they? They can't relate. And my problems are just silly, single girl problems, lacking the gravity of raising a child, or caring for a husband. But to me they are problems, and it is my life. But I get that it isn't yours.
I love my family, but I only  have so much to contribute to a conversation about babies, diapers, and husbands. I'd rather just "borrow" your baby for a while so you can sit and talk to the other women about the things I don't have in common with you.
My job will always be viewed as something temporary by the married women around me. It isn't really a career, they think. It's just what she's doing until she gets married. To me, my job is a delicate thing that may be the only thing I do for the rest of my life.
Being single means getting to buy someone else a gift that I would never buy for myself. It never ceases to amuse me how many times I have been asked, "You don't have an XYZ in your kitchen?" I always want to reply, "No, no one ever gave me a bridal shower."
It can also mean knowing that your good hair days people wonder why you never got married. It also means on your bloated days, they are thinking they know why you are still single.
It means that I have needed someone to scratch a certain spot on my back for nearly three months now. And no matter how hard I try, my cat cannot be trained to do it for me.
It means not having a dedicated person to troubleshoot my problems with. No one to help me figure out the budget, or make the hard decisions (windshield or tires this week?).
One of the more personal, harder, aspects is just not fitting in at church anymore. The place I go to feel peace, is the place I frequently feel even more uncomfortable, or at times ostracized.
It means in moments of total self-doubt there is no one else around to tell you what you are worth.

I could keep going on. But I think this wraps it up for now. Maybe later this week I'll be more in the mood to share the more positive aspects of being single, if and when I can remember what they are.

Girl on Crutches Update

Update on the girl on crutches! Today I watched carefully to see if she would make the bus. I even had a plan to flag the bus down if she didn't make it on time. But the good news is she made it! It was a close call, and she did have to "run" for it on the crutches. The bus started to pull away, and then stopped and waited for her. I swear I'm going out there tomorrow to make sure the bus waits for her.

Just when you thought middle school couldn't get worse

I'm so confused tonight I want to just give up and cry. But I keep telling myself that is the overwhelming and unexpected PMS talking. I keep feeding it chocolate, but it refuses to go away. There are still too many details that are unresolved about this day to be able to really know if I'm happy, sad, or confused. But I'm going to try. If at some point while you read this post you feel the overwhelming urge to give me hugs and chocolate, please do. I need them.

*disclaimer* at some point my mother and few other people will read this and ask why on earth i put myself out there so much. why did i share something so personal? the answer is simple and two-fold. first, i know i'm not the only single girl who is confused and hurting and would really like to know she's not alone. second, i genuinely like feedback.

Today I did something that to some of you is nothing. I asked out a guy. You have to understand that I do this only once in a blue moon, so it is a big deal for me. My record is terrible in this area- 1 for 7, including today. One yes, 7 no's. And that one yes was one of the worst dates in history. (Not the date itself- the guy!) But today was different. The guy I asked is a guy I am very, very interested in, and have been for a long time now. I only did it because I honestly truly thought he was interested back. I had and still have every reason to think that. He turned me down, but in what may be the nicest rejection ever. Including telling me where he has to be, and that he still really wants to see me. It was believable. So although it was a no, I actually felt more confident than before that he's interested.
Sounds good, right?
It was great right up until the point where I ran into him unexpectedly with a girl this evening. He only introduced her to me when asked. He totally ignored her, and was really happy to see me. Including mentioning in front of her about the date that won't be happening, and making me promise to come over and see him this week. All very odd things to say to a girl in front of another girl that may or may not be a girlfriend.
I am completely and in every way confused. And trying to convince myself to not be hurt by it. I keep going back to the part this morning where he appeared to be genuinely happy that I asked him out. (Would some of my girlfriends who witnessed that please vouch for me in the comments section??)
Maybe it wasn't a girlfriend. Maybe it was just a friend, or a sister, or a cousin. I don't know. I'm just confused. And trying really hard not to be hurt. I'm too confused to know whether or not I should be hurt.

But wait! There's more- in the form of the rest of my life!
I have a job. A job that causes me a lot of stress lately.
I have PMS. If you are a girl, you understand.
I am giving a talk* on Sunday in church. And maybe teaching Relief Society* as well. (I was only asked today about RS. I politely let them know I'd be happy to do it, but that I'm also speaking. I haven't heard back one way or another yet.) I actually enjoy public speaking. I like giving talks. But there is a bit more pressure than usual when it is on Easter (a day when people have higher expectations than usual), and I am still so new!
My favorite character died on House last night. This upsets me greatly!!
The State of Virginia is yet again claiming I owe them property taxes. I LIVE IN FREAKING UTAH! My car is registered in Utah! GET OVER IT!
I am having a party at my house on Friday (and you are all invited). I've had 21 confirmed yes RSVPs. And about 100 maybes. This does not make it any easier to plan and prepare for the party! AT ALL!
"Little" introduced me to a fun new song yesterday. I liked it a lot, but thought the lyrics were confusing. So I looked them up. And holy crap. You are all now forbidden from singing the Britney Spears "If You Seek Amy" song. And so are your children. 
When I told a few friends about the confusing encounter with the guy this evening, (friends who know how long I have been interested in him), a few of them were really dismissive of my feelings, which hurt even more. Sorry if my little dumb single girl problems are that insignificant to you. I guess I just expected a little more sympathy. I can't even remember the last time I was really interested in a guy, let alone had one really hurt and confuse me like this.
I spent several hours on the floor, with a heating pad, crying in pain today, all while trying to continue working on this big work project.
And my cat finally caught his first mouse. Except it wasn't a mouse, it was a hamster. (Some poor neighbor kid is going to hate my cat!) And if PMS and the accompanying nausea wasn't bad enough, I had to pretend to be thrilled my cat left a half-dead, bloody hamster on my steps today.

Now will someone please give me a hug and chocolate??

*For my approximately 3 non-Mormon friends who read this. In our church the "sermons" are not given by a pastor or priest each week. They are instead called "talks" and given by members of the congregation each week. A different member is asked each week and is given a subject matter. 
"Relief Society" is the women's auxiliary program of our church. Whereas, most churches (I try not to be jealous) only have mass and Sunday School, we have Mass/Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, and a third hour where the women go to Relief Society and the men go to Priesthood. Generally it is a lot like Sunday School, except in RS the women get a lot more emotional, and there's an assigned regular teacher. No one told me why they need a last minute substitute this week. 

Monday, April 06, 2009

Middle School Sucks

I saw the saddest little thing this morning, and felt awful that I couldn't do anything to help. Somewhere deep down inside of me there is the girl that hasn't forgotten the sting and pain of all things middle school. And today she wants to cry for a stranger.

This morning my cats are/were driving me crazy, wanting to go in and outside every five seconds. One cat loves to see the kids at the bus stop (right next to my house), the other is terrified of the kids. I was watching the "Exodus of the Taller Children" (the middle schoolers) get on the bus, when I saw a girl on crutches, moving her fastest up the hill to the bus. There is no way the bus driver could have seen her, but I'm sure plenty of students did, including the last 4 or 5 to get on the bus, who were also running. The girl "ran" on her crutches as fast as possible. She made it about 5 feet from the bus when it pulled away. Even from inside my house I was yelling for the bus to stop and wait for her. I could hear her outside yelling at the bus. A moment later her yells turned into loud sobs.
Just then about 5 high school boys all came around the corner, heading to their bus stop. All of them looked at her like she was insane, and cut a clear path around her. She cried even harder.
I wished so badly I could go out there and say something to her, or do something for her. She hobbled and sobbed her way back down the hill towards her house. I decided against saying something to her. I figured she was feeling bad enough without knowing a total stranger witnessed her humiliation too.
I spent most of the 8th grade on crutches. I had severe knee problems that year. I could feel the girl's frustration and pain all too well. It isn't easy hobbling about on crutches, carrying a backpack, and an instrument too, without looking and feeling like a total fool. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her it gets better.
What would you have done? Would you have said anything or done anything (if you didn't know her)?
(and now it is almost time for one of my favorite parts of the day, "the exodus of the small children." watching the little kids leave for school each morning never ceases to amuse me. who knew so many children could be overcome by gravity so frequently??)

A little after I posted this I saw the girl on crutches hobble back up the street and get on the bus with the elementary school kids. I have no idea why!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Did I Mention I Went to St George?

Two weeks ago, Juli and I rounded up the girls and took a very very last second trip to St George. And because life doesn't stop just because you go on a mini-break for 24 hours, and because I couldn't find my camera for a few days, I haven't posted the evidence that we went!

So without further ado, here is "The Caldwell Chix Take St George."

We partook of the blessed In n Out Burger delights. (In about 1 year there will be 2 In n Out Burgers within 10 minutes of my house, which pleases me greatly.)

We went shopping, where the shorties got new dresses, and then wore them the very next day in this picture.

We posed in front of the St George Temple on Sunday, in extreme wind. I don't think KyLee has ever appeared on my blog before. That's KyLee in the Gators blanket, trying to keep warm. She's the "Other Caldwell Chick."

There was also swimming, enjoying the sun (on Saturday. All that St George wind brought in a snowstorm on Sunday. A snowstorm I swear has lasted 2 full weeks now. Seriously! There's another 3 new inches of snow outside my house right now!), more shopping, good food, an antique car show, ice cream, and Old Maid in the hotel room. 
It was a fun time. And the perfect break from life in the great white north of Utah.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Foster Care Update

It has been a while since I updated what is going on with the foster parenting situation. I basically just gave myself the month of March off to make sure I would still have the interest and desire to continue with this goal. It all happened so quickly at the beginning of February with applying and starting the class that I didn't have much time to really second guess myself.
The short answer is YES, I still want to do this. The long answer involves a lot of excuses about why I am dragging my feet getting the paperwork turned in. The biggest hold up in an expensive one involving my driving record. (I drive fast. So sue me.) April is shaping up to be one very expensive month already with state taxes, car inspection (new tires AND windshield), property taxes, blah blah blah. Add on top of that a few hundred more dollars for the driving record issue, and well, that's just going to have to wait a few more weeks. (I'm looking at over $1,000 all in money to the government alone, not including fed taxes. Ah, the price of living.)
The process required to become a foster parent is rather long and tedious. It amazes me that "bad seeds" put themselves through this process. Not only is it a huge time suck, but it can be expensive to get all the right furniture and prepare your home.
Right now if the world cooperates with my plan, I'll be ready and licensed to take in a child/children by the end of July. I have it all planned out to pay off the driving record issue in May, and turn in my paperwork then too. In June I'll buy the necessary furniture. And my license should come through in late July. Hopefully right in time for a child to move in and get comfortable before school starts in August.
I am still feeling at times overwhelmingly compelled and inspired to do this. What started off as a whirlwind beginning, has now slowed to a much more manageable pace. I still need your support and encouragement. Keep asking me. Keep bugging me. It helps keep me motivated!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Announce It on April Fools Day If I Want To

No really, I am having a party. This isn't an April Fools joke.

I am inviting the world to my housewarming party next Friday night (8 pm, April 10). (At my house obviously, because, really, where else would I hold my own housewarming party?)

If you want further details because you want to come (or because the waffles I shall be serving sound like reason enough to come out of the lurkosphere and meet me), you have to contact me directly. I'll give you a hint. My email is my blogger nickname, at yahoo.

It shall be a party almost as cool as this-

but with waffles!

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