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CNN's Five Dating Habits- cute or crazy

Today's CNN column on dating cracked me up. Let's review it together, shall we?

1. Pets- they say 1 is good, 2 is borderline, 3 is crazy. Um, I have 1 cat, 1 kitten, and I'm giving a lot of thought to getting a puppy soon. Strike 1 against me apparently.

2. Toys- apparently you are cute if you hold on to one childhood toy, crazy if you have multiples. I have one teddy bear I was given at birth, and a stuffed Snoopy. Neither one are visible to the public. I say the fact that they live in secret, and I never named the bear, makes me not crazy. So only Strike 2 against me.

3. Opening yourself to your date's hobbies- Going to a game with them is okay. Painting your face for the game is not. I've picked up some of my favorite hobbies this way. I say I fall into the cute category. No strikes.

4. Caregiving- its cute to bring soup over, bad to clean their refrigerator. I can safely say I have never violated this one.

5. Background research- apparently it makes you crazy t…

Always on my mind

Things on my mind in no particular order-
Camping this summer
White water rafting this summer
Tubing (poor and boring man's white water rafting)
Getting a dog in time to go camping this summer.
Lawn care
Giving the tiny kitten a bath (she/he had his/her first one this afternoon. it didn't go well.)
How will I ever meet single men?
The men I do know and what they do to me. Or don't do for me as the case may be.
How will I ever get a life when I work from home, have no co-workers, have no singles in my ward, and only hang out with married people and small children?
Going to DC this summer- where am I going to get the money? the time? and who would I stay with? (after all, my parents live in Roanoke now)
I need a haircut.
Taking a weekend off and going up to Deer Valley and just holing up to finish writing my current novel. It will never happen here at home with all the dishes, cats, and laundry.
Money. My budget.
The commitment required of foster parents.
Buying b…

Life as a Single Girl

I've had a lot to say lately about what it feels like to be a single woman in her 30's. For those of you who are bored by this, move along. For those of you who struggle with this lifestyle as much as I do, this is for you.

We live alonw

Why Aunties Adore Their Nephews

1. They pick us dandelions, and can barely contain their excitement when they present us with "lowlers." 2. They ask if it is snuggle time yet. 3. As soon as snuggle time is over they ask if it is tickle or wrestle time.  4. They jump off things, run into things, and destroy things with total exuberance. 5. They fall asleep in the most peculiar of places.

A Weekend in Reno

My laptop, head cold, and I packed up and flew out to Reno for the weekend. I took a class on Saturday at UNR on Wordpress. I met the founder of Wordpress, Matt Mullenweg while there. That was pretty cool. I picked up a few interesting skills, and am looking forward to using them soon.

And as you may have noticed, Reno is where my sister, brother in law, and nephews live. So naturally, this post is now going to be all about how cute my little men are.
My 3 little men snuggling in a sleeping bag and watching Saturday morning cartoons together.

Tell is now 9 years old. He's getting into music, and spent most of the weekend obsessed with his mp3 player. He brought it to me and asked me to delete some of his dad's music off of it. So naturally I put some of my own music on it. Something has gone terribly awry, and my nephew is a bluegrass fan, but hates country. I'm not sure how to handle that! He's more grown up than I am really ready for him to be. But he's a good kid…

The miracle pill that is driving me crazy

It's 1:30 am and I am wide awake. SUCKS.

What feels like a million years ago when I was 19 years old and returning home from my first semester at BYU, I went to an allergist for the first time. I had just spent the majority of the school year sick with a head cold. We're talking nearly every single day of college I was sick. So I went to an allergist back home in Virginia for a diagnosis. I will never forget the first words she said, "Well, you'll want to avoid ever living in the Rocky Mountain West." She then went on to explain that I was allergic to pretty much everything that grows in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. She had no idea that at the time I was attending college in Utah. She also mentioned that I had your typical mold, dust, and pollen allergies, which was also not good seeing as I lived in my parents' basement (a veritable harbinger of mold and dust). So I started allergy shots, but when I left for school again I never kept up with them…

Check out CheapOair 30 Seconds of Fame Commercial Contest

I want you to take a look at: CheapOair 30 Seconds of Fame Commercial Contest

Fine, you win!

All you DC people, I get it, you are trying to make me homesick. Fine! You win! All the pictures you keep posting of the cherry blossoms, the monuments, the kite flying festival, even the Zoo. I get it. DC is superior and beautiful, and I should want to be there.
I'm homesick. Now will you stop slowly killing me??

Is that what I think it is? Why, yes, I think it is a happy dance!

Maybe it's just the Nyquil talking, but I think that today deserves a happy dance!

Monday, Monday

I never did figure out what it was I was supposed to be doing this weekend. But thank you all for the very interesting suggestions nonetheless. I opted for Little's soccer game, the gym, a movie, and babysitting Heidi's kids.
Funny story, Heidi's little girl (Princess Clara) still calls me "Fairy Godmother," rather than Erin. (I don't think we need to correct that any time soon.) She's only seen me dressed up as her fairy godmother previously, and she had been told her fairy godmother was coming over to play with her. Words can't describe the look of total confusion, disgust, and possible disappointment on her face when I walked in the house wearing flip flops and jeans. She immediately said, "Fairy Godmudder, whatchu have on?" She was perfectly happy when I told her later that it was just a disguise so that everyone didn't know I was a fairy godmother.
And now it is Monday and I return to my life as a full-time social media expert, blogge…

Memory is the first thing to go

Can someone please remind me what it is I am supposed to be doing this Saturday? Because I honestly can't remember. I do recall that I am supposed to be really busy. I remember that Little has a soccer game. But I'm also vaguely recalling something about being worried I wouldn't be home when the kid comes over to mow the dandelion field (aka my yard).
So if I have plans with you, or we discussed me going to do something, can you please remind me? Because I know there was something. I really do. I just have no freaking clue what it was.

Why I Don't Think I Should Have to Pay My State Taxes

Remember how nearly 9 months ago my former employer, Tricia McGarry, screwed me and my co-workers over and didn't pay us, shorted our paychecks, and bounced the last paycheck she did give me?
And how I've been dealing with the completely incompetent wage and labor office trying to recover the nearly $4,000 she owes me?
Well, now you know why I am strongly protesting (in my head) paying state taxes. They can't be bothered to help me recover income, but I should pay them sales tax, state income taxes, property taxes, car registration feeds, and the lovely court costs from last week?
Sorry, State of Utah, but we're going to have to fight this one out. How can I possibly pay you income taxes on income you haven't recovered for me??

My Other Blogs

I'm not sure if this blog is aware of my other blogs. For work I write for several other blogs. And today one of those blogs has a great guest blog post that I think you should all read! (Hi Cody, if you are reading this!) Check out the Antarctic Cowboy guest spot at CheapOair's blog . Our usual topics are cheap fares and destinations.
I also write for our other blog we call For the Love of Travel where we talk more about the wanderlust side of travel. And once a week there's a story about my personal travels.
And hopefully on Wednesday we're going to be making a big announcement across all of our company blogs. I think you will all want to stay tuned for that one!
Oh and hello to my co-workers who are going to find this blog post by way of their Google Alerts. In case you are curious, this is the first time I have ever mentioned the company on my blog. What can I say? A little backlinking never hurt anyone right??

What you can learn about me from the pictures on my cellphone

Here's a few pictures from the last few days. 

All hail the return of soccer season!! I love soccer season. Little and I went to our first Saturday home game (with Misty and Colby), in the rain and cold, and loved it. As always! We bundled up with gloves, and hats, and a blanket during the game, but Little insisted on making sure her hair looked cute for the picture. Trust me, I looked better with the hat on and hoodie up! Is Little not the cutest, most photogenic kid ever? (Good job, J!)

My darling Tiny. Not surprisingly, her name has changed a few times. We've called her Tiny, Little Tiny, Oscar, and now Shamu. Mostly I call her Little Tiny Baby. She's getting cuter by the day. She's starting to play and get frisky. She's also very afraid of grass, and not afraid of strangers, but will rarely let me hold her.  My Stinky, aka Bo, Squiggy, Kitty, and a dozen other names. This week I am calling him Camo Kitty, because I swear his gray brown coat camouflages him into …

I hereby turn over the "Worst Week Ever Award" to whomever wants it

For the last few hours I've been debating. What should I title my next book?
"An Autobiographical Work of Fiction?"
"You Won't Believe This But..."
"What Doesn't Kill You Makes Great Fodder For a Book"
"When Life Gives You Phosphoric Acid, Make Diet Coke"

I'm thinking they all make great titles for my next book.

Things you will read about in this book, all plucked from my life this week.

1. Asking out a guy, just to meet his supposed possible girlfriend later in the same day.
2. Getting the flu, or something like it.
3. Getting pulled over for (wait for it!) not using my turn signal! And getting 3 tickets! One for not coming to a complete stop, one for the turn signal, and one for having an out of state license. Total damages? EXPENSIVE. (So expensive my trip to Ireland would have cost less and is now canceled.)
4. Vomiting while getting ticketed. (Flu related.)
5. Getting hit on by the cop that gave me the three tickets.
6. Car …

Just One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight

disclaimer: not my abs
I have had the stomach flu or something going on since Tuesday afternoon, on top of all my other stresses and unreasonably bad days. Just how bad was it?
Well, if we look on the brightside, I have lost 11 lbs.
I'm going to look hot in my dress at the party! My abs haven't seen this much action in years!

Best Friend Ever Award Continues To Go To Juli!

I almost hate to post this after what I posted last because I don't want anyone to ever think that this post is in any way related to those posts. I swear I'm not being bipolar. I'm just being cryptic. So there.


I do hope, that if you are ever in a bind, sick, PMS, and having the absolute worst day ever, you have someone like this in your life to come and rescue you-

Because if your day is ever so bad that you can't even share on your blog what happened, you will need her. A true friend is the one that says, "I'm coming!" When all you can tell her is, "I just need help, and I'll explain later." And then drives 4 hours in the middle of the night for you. But you know what the best part is about this friend? That at the end of this awful horrible day, someone said to me, "You've got a pretty great friend there. She's a real hoot."  Yes, even on my worst day ever, my best friend managed to get me to laugh too. That takes a p…

What it feels like for ME to be single

Over at Segullah today the "Single Ladies" topic has been raised. Considering my emotions and issues of yesterday, (which continue on today), I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my own feelings more in-depth. These are my feelings about what MY life has been like, post age 30, single, in the LDS Church. I feel it is important to point out the age 30 part, because my experiences have been night and day in this regard.

Being single to me means always feeling like the outsider. Even when I am with families I am very close to, or with my own family, I still don't quite fit in.
When my friends who are moms talk about their family holiday traditions, I think of the traditions I knew as a child. I wonder if I will ever get to start traditions of my own?
It means answering awkward "why are you still single" questions. And it means even more awkwardly noticing when people have stopped asking. Does everyone but me finally see the answer?
It means hoping someon…

Girl on Crutches Update

Update on the girl on crutches! Today I watched carefully to see if she would make the bus. I even had a plan to flag the bus down if she didn't make it on time. But the good news is she made it! It was a close call, and she did have to "run" for it on the crutches. The bus started to pull away, and then stopped and waited for her. I swear I'm going out there tomorrow to make sure the bus waits for her.

Just when you thought middle school couldn't get worse

I'm so confused tonight I want to just give up and cry. But I keep telling myself that is the overwhelming and unexpected PMS talking. I keep feeding it chocolate, but it refuses to go away. There are still too many details that are unresolved about this day to be able to really know if I'm happy, sad, or confused. But I'm going to try. If at some point while you read this post you feel the overwhelming urge to give me hugs and chocolate, please do. I need them.

*disclaimer* at some point my mother and few other people will read this and ask why on earth i put myself out there so much. why did i share something so personal? the answer is simple and two-fold. first, i know i'm not the only single girl who is confused and hurting and would really like to know she's not alone. second, i genuinely like feedback.

Today I did something that to some of you is nothing. I asked out a guy. You have to understand that I do this only once in a blue moon, so it is a big deal fo…

Middle School Sucks

I saw the saddest little thing this morning, and felt awful that I couldn't do anything to help. Somewhere deep down inside of me there is the girl that hasn't forgotten the sting and pain of all things middle school. And today she wants to cry for a stranger.

This morning my cats are/were driving me crazy, wanting to go in and outside every five seconds. One cat loves to see the kids at the bus stop (right next to my house), the other is terrified of the kids. I was watching the "Exodus of the Taller Children" (the middle schoolers) get on the bus, when I saw a girl on crutches, moving her fastest up the hill to the bus. There is no way the bus driver could have seen her, but I'm sure plenty of students did, including the last 4 or 5 to get on the bus, who were also running. The girl "ran" on her crutches as fast as possible. She made it about 5 feet from the bus when it pulled away. Even from inside my house I was yelling for the bus to stop and wait f…

Did I Mention I Went to St George?

Two weeks ago, Juli and I rounded up the girls and took a very very last second trip to St George. And because life doesn't stop just because you go on a mini-break for 24 hours, and because I couldn't find my camera for a few days, I haven't posted the evidence that we went!

So without further ado, here is "The Caldwell Chix Take St George."

We partook of the blessed In n Out Burger delights. (In about 1 year there will be 2 In n Out Burgers within 10 minutes of my house, which pleases me greatly.)

We went shopping, where the shorties got new dresses, and then wore them the very next day in this picture.

We posed in front of the St George Temple on Sunday, in extreme wind. I don't think KyLee has ever appeared on my blog before. That's KyLee in the Gators blanket, trying to keep warm. She's the "Other Caldwell Chick."

There was also swimming, enjoying the sun (on Saturday. All that St George wind brought in a snowstorm on Sunday. A snowstorm…

Foster Care Update

It has been a while since I updated what is going on with the foster parenting situation. I basically just gave myself the month of March off to make sure I would still have the interest and desire to continue with this goal. It all happened so quickly at the beginning of February with applying and starting the class that I didn't have much time to really second guess myself.
The short answer is YES, I still want to do this. The long answer involves a lot of excuses about why I am dragging my feet getting the paperwork turned in. The biggest hold up in an expensive one involving my driving record. (I drive fast. So sue me.) April is shaping up to be one very expensive month already with state taxes, car inspection (new tires AND windshield), property taxes, blah blah blah. Add on top of that a few hundred more dollars for the driving record issue, and well, that's just going to have to wait a few more weeks. (I'm looking at over $1,000 all in money to the government alone,…

It's My Party and I'll Announce It on April Fools Day If I Want To

No really, I am having a party. This isn't an April Fools joke.

I am inviting the world to my housewarming party next Friday night (8 pm, April 10). (At my house obviously, because, really, where else would I hold my own housewarming party?)

If you want further details because you want to come (or because the waffles I shall be serving sound like reason enough to come out of the lurkosphere and meet me), you have to contact me directly. I'll give you a hint. My email is my blogger nickname, at yahoo.

It shall be a party almost as cool as this-

but with waffles!

Party On Dudes!