Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Always on my mind

Things on my mind in no particular order-
Camping this summer
White water rafting this summer
Tubing (poor and boring man's white water rafting)
Getting a dog in time to go camping this summer.
Lawn care
Giving the tiny kitten a bath (she/he had his/her first one this afternoon. it didn't go well.)
How will I ever meet single men?
The men I do know and what they do to me. Or don't do for me as the case may be.
How will I ever get a life when I work from home, have no co-workers, have no singles in my ward, and only hang out with married people and small children?
Going to DC this summer- where am I going to get the money? the time? and who would I stay with? (after all, my parents live in Roanoke now)
I need a haircut.
Taking a weekend off and going up to Deer Valley and just holing up to finish writing my current novel. It will never happen here at home with all the dishes, cats, and laundry.
Money. My budget.
The commitment required of foster parents.
Buying bedroom furniture before my brother gets here in 3 weeks.
My sweet little nephews and what songs to put on their mp3 players.
How very badly I want a Jeep Wrangler or a BMW Mini Cooper S. I never thought I'd say this, but the Jeep is a lot more practical, isn't it?

But mostly I am thinking about prayers and the answers received to prayers. Last night I had the rare chance to offer a much more heart felt prayer than usual. Today I admit there were moments when I felt disappointed that I hadn't received an answer to my humble request. And then, like answers to prayers often do, my heart was softened and I realized I had received the answer, that the thing I was needing had happened, several hours before. But that I hadn't realized or accepted at the time that it was exactly what I was looking for. I apologize for being cryptic and vague, but it was something of a personal nature. And the answer wasn't as big and as obvious as I had been hoping for. It was even something of a let down. And I questioned whether or not I could stay happy if that is how things were to remain. I had to calm and center myself to accept that, yes, if this is what the Lord wants, then this is what will make me happy. I shall leave things in His hands, and be happy with the results.

*edited to include more stuff on my mind*
Car registration
planning the float for the parade
I need to find a notary. Or suck it up and go to the notary I know, but am too shy to talk to.
What's the difference between a financial advisor and an accountant? And which do I need?
Should I call DCFS about my neighbors again?
I really need a haircut.
Why isn't my current marketing campaign moving faster virally? Its a good contest.
I need to download iTunes so I can buy the new Due West song.
I need to call Mindy Gledhill.
I need to go to the gym today.
Don't forget to pay the rent on Friday!!

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  1. you've got a busy mind! but i like seeing/reading what other peoples lives are about. i need a hair cut too.


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