Thursday, April 30, 2009

CNN's Five Dating Habits- cute or crazy

Today's CNN column on dating cracked me up. Let's review it together, shall we?

1. Pets- they say 1 is good, 2 is borderline, 3 is crazy. Um, I have 1 cat, 1 kitten, and I'm giving a lot of thought to getting a puppy soon. Strike 1 against me apparently.

2. Toys- apparently you are cute if you hold on to one childhood toy, crazy if you have multiples. I have one teddy bear I was given at birth, and a stuffed Snoopy. Neither one are visible to the public. I say the fact that they live in secret, and I never named the bear, makes me not crazy. So only Strike 2 against me.

3. Opening yourself to your date's hobbies- Going to a game with them is okay. Painting your face for the game is not. I've picked up some of my favorite hobbies this way. I say I fall into the cute category. No strikes.

4. Caregiving- its cute to bring soup over, bad to clean their refrigerator. I can safely say I have never violated this one.

5. Background research- apparently it makes you crazy to stalk and google your date. I'm screwed. Strike 3.

Well, at least we know now why I'm not married.


  1. Well based on that, I also have 3 strikes. So apparently my guy likes crazy? I not only have a childhood stuffed animal that sleeps next to my bed on my bedside table (it used to sleep with me, but I've grown a little), but I have boxes of 'toys' from my childhood (I can't separate myself from my Barbies).

    Do fish count? If not, I still have the dog & turtles.

    Oh well, Patrick has his crazies too.

  2. What's wrong with saving your childhood toys in hopes that your kids will get to play with them too? My family has a tradition of this. (My nephews currently play with the magnet-roofed schoolhouse of Little People that my sister and I played with in the 70s.) I don't see anything crazy about that. I say CNN is crazy.


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