Saturday, April 04, 2009

Did I Mention I Went to St George?

Two weeks ago, Juli and I rounded up the girls and took a very very last second trip to St George. And because life doesn't stop just because you go on a mini-break for 24 hours, and because I couldn't find my camera for a few days, I haven't posted the evidence that we went!

So without further ado, here is "The Caldwell Chix Take St George."

We partook of the blessed In n Out Burger delights. (In about 1 year there will be 2 In n Out Burgers within 10 minutes of my house, which pleases me greatly.)

We went shopping, where the shorties got new dresses, and then wore them the very next day in this picture.

We posed in front of the St George Temple on Sunday, in extreme wind. I don't think KyLee has ever appeared on my blog before. That's KyLee in the Gators blanket, trying to keep warm. She's the "Other Caldwell Chick."

There was also swimming, enjoying the sun (on Saturday. All that St George wind brought in a snowstorm on Sunday. A snowstorm I swear has lasted 2 full weeks now. Seriously! There's another 3 new inches of snow outside my house right now!), more shopping, good food, an antique car show, ice cream, and Old Maid in the hotel room. 
It was a fun time. And the perfect break from life in the great white north of Utah.


  1. Don't you love little last minute get aways like that! Me need some in-n-out:)

  2. I just love love love love that Temple. It was the 2nd Temple I went to/thru years ago....and I am in such reverence and awe when I see it.


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