Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fine, you win!

All you DC people, I get it, you are trying to make me homesick. Fine! You win! All the pictures you keep posting of the cherry blossoms, the monuments, the kite flying festival, even the Zoo. I get it. DC is superior and beautiful, and I should want to be there.
I'm homesick. Now will you stop slowly killing me??


  1. The zoo? Let me fill you in on the rest of our trip, it was dirty and there were TOO many people! We actually had a little boy with us (who was walking with us) who lost his mommy and when we found her, she didn't seem to care! She had her other kid on a leash and didn't seem to care about the other one. I TOTALLY can't deal with people like that. And the traffic? SUCKED! Even walking on the sidewalk or through the metro, way too many people. Maybe I'm just a paranoid person and mom, but I don't do D.C. well. It's nice to visit for a short visit, but otherwise, no thanks! And I hope it wasn't me you were talking about, because we're not in D.C.! We're in a MUCH better place, Roanoke! You'll have to come out and shot some targets with us!

  2. Btw, how do you do the big picture at the top of your blog? I've tried and can't seem to figure it out. Any pointers or tips would be great!


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