Saturday, April 11, 2009

I hereby turn over the "Worst Week Ever Award" to whomever wants it

For the last few hours I've been debating. What should I title my next book?
"An Autobiographical Work of Fiction?"
"You Won't Believe This But..."
"What Doesn't Kill You Makes Great Fodder For a Book"
"When Life Gives You Phosphoric Acid, Make Diet Coke"

I'm thinking they all make great titles for my next book.

Things you will read about in this book, all plucked from my life this week.

1. Asking out a guy, just to meet his supposed possible girlfriend later in the same day.
2. Getting the flu, or something like it.
3. Getting pulled over for (wait for it!) not using my turn signal! And getting 3 tickets! One for not coming to a complete stop, one for the turn signal, and one for having an out of state license. Total damages? EXPENSIVE. (So expensive my trip to Ireland would have cost less and is now canceled.)
4. Vomiting while getting ticketed. (Flu related.)
5. Getting hit on by the cop that gave me the three tickets.
6. Car getting towed. And the police department that towed it not properly recording who towed it. My car goes missing for over 24 hours, just to be found too late for me to get it, and I am now without car until Monday. Also, not cheap. Also without house keys, as they accidentally went with the car.
7. Losing 16 lbs (4 from dieting, 12 from the flu) in record time.
8. The cable/internet company applying my payment to the address I don't live at anymore, and turning off my services three times in one week.
9. Still throwing a party in spite of the fact that I haven't kept down solids in days. But did have a blast at said party!

10. With all of this going on also having to prepare a talk for Easter Sunday church, and a lesson for Relief Society.

Do I get some sort of award for going through all this crap this week? Is there some sort of contest I can enter and win $10,000 for my problems?

Before I sound totally ungrateful though I have to share the things that went right!
1. I lost 16 lbs! I'm 2 dress sizes smaller than I was last week. And who doesn't love that?
2. I have the greatest best friend in the entire universe. Not only did she save me from hell the night of the flu, tickets, and car, but she brought a million wonderful things to the party to help out.
3. At the party I got to see a lot of old friends I haven't seen in years. It was fantastic to get to see them.
4. I had started to think I was going to be sad and lonely on Easter with no one to spend the holiday with. But then realized I have cousins with cars who can come to me! So my darling BYU cousins that I love so much (yes, MB I'm kissing up cause I know you will read this), are coming over for Easter dinner. And I love having them over (not kissing up, just the truth)!
5. There were some of my worst and darkest moments this week when I felt that the Lord had left me to rot. But within moments of this despair I was able to see that the Lord was actually holding me up and was my only strength. What were horrible situations that felt like everything had gone wrong, were also the moments that miracles took place.
6. I won't pretend that having to write a talk and prepare a church lesson haven't added stress to this week. But at the same time, having to focus more than usual on the life of Christ this week has brought a lot of peace and comfort to the situation.


  1. jules2:52 PM

    That was a great party! Old Erin is back with a vengeance.

    And I'm voting for the title with diet coke in it. But then I'm biased. Or addicted. One of the two.

  2. What a crazy week!
    Glad you found the silver lining.

  3. Wow! I thought my week was rough! Good job looking at the positive. You've motivated me to do the same!

  4. I vote for the Diet Coke one too.

    Sorry you had suck a stinky week. It's great that you still were able to find good things about the week too. I know how hard it can be to do that when you feel awful.

    I'm a little jealous that you lost weight while you were sick. All the time I've been sick these past few weeks, no weight loss. Stinks. That's usually the one good thing about not keeping food down and I never got it.

  5. Karena- don't be too jealous. I rarely keep the sick weight loss off. But it was nice to fit into a much smaller dress, even if only for the one day.

  6. That's a pretty terrible day. But props for the crazy fast weight loss! As much as I HATE the's definately something to think about with the weight loss thing!


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