Friday, April 10, 2009

Just One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight

disclaimer: not my abs

I have had the stomach flu or something going on since Tuesday afternoon, on top of all my other stresses and unreasonably bad days. Just how bad was it?
Well, if we look on the brightside, I have lost 11 lbs.
I'm going to look hot in my dress at the party! My abs haven't seen this much action in years!


  1. that's no fun being sick. on top of mestrual issues. some days it's no fun being a girl. if i lived closer, i would totally come to your waffle party. have fun!

  2. That is probably the one thing the flu is good for! I've had a viral infection for a few weeks and it pisses me off that I haven't lost any weight from it! What good is it not to have much of an appetite if you're not going to benefit from it.

  3. dear anonymous hater-

    i deleted your comments.

    get a life. and if you think i can't narrow your shallow comments down, and can't read the statcounter to figure out who you are, you are seriously delusional.

    i find it sad that you have devoted so much of your life to trying to ruin mine, and save other people from knowing me. how pathetic is that? i suggest you go out and find something more rewarding to do with your life. you're just making the rest of us sad. and we gag a little bit too.


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