Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

I never did figure out what it was I was supposed to be doing this weekend. But thank you all for the very interesting suggestions nonetheless. I opted for Little's soccer game, the gym, a movie, and babysitting Heidi's kids.
Funny story, Heidi's little girl (Princess Clara) still calls me "Fairy Godmother," rather than Erin. (I don't think we need to correct that any time soon.) She's only seen me dressed up as her fairy godmother previously, and she had been told her fairy godmother was coming over to play with her. Words can't describe the look of total confusion, disgust, and possible disappointment on her face when I walked in the house wearing flip flops and jeans. She immediately said, "Fairy Godmudder, whatchu have on?" She was perfectly happy when I told her later that it was just a disguise so that everyone didn't know I was a fairy godmother.
And now it is Monday and I return to my life as a full-time social media expert, blogger, and internet lurker, where I will be promoting the 30 Seconds of Fame Commercial Contest. This little project is my brainchild and number one priority for the next month. Got a video camera? ENTER THE CONTEST!! Or at least do me a favor and spread the word on your blogs. Pretty please?
And on that happy note, I'm looking forward to picking up Little this afternoon and getting outside for some playtime in the sun!

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  1. Funny.

    My best friend was explaining to her daughter that I was coming to visit that weekend, and explained that I am her Godmother.

    Little F's eyes got huge as she exclaimed, "I have a Fairy Godmother?!"

    So BF told me that expectations were high!


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