Monday, April 13, 2009

What you can learn about me from the pictures on my cellphone

Here's a few pictures from the last few days. 

All hail the return of soccer season!! I love soccer season. Little and I went to our first Saturday home game (with Misty and Colby), in the rain and cold, and loved it. As always! We bundled up with gloves, and hats, and a blanket during the game, but Little insisted on making sure her hair looked cute for the picture. Trust me, I looked better with the hat on and hoodie up! Is Little not the cutest, most photogenic kid ever? (Good job, J!)

My darling Tiny. Not surprisingly, her name has changed a few times. We've called her Tiny, Little Tiny, Oscar, and now Shamu. Mostly I call her Little Tiny Baby. She's getting cuter by the day. She's starting to play and get frisky. She's also very afraid of grass, and not afraid of strangers, but will rarely let me hold her. 
My Stinky, aka Bo, Squiggy, Kitty, and a dozen other names. This week I am calling him Camo Kitty, because I swear his gray brown coat camouflages him into my dead lawn. In this picture he is patiently stalking "voles," or what may possibly be wild hamsters. I know, wild hamsters, sounds insane, right? But I swear to you, I think I have them in my yard. Stinky has brought me some yard kill this past week. When I got a good look at it, I realized it wasn't a mouse, but something that resembled a hamster on steroids. Its not a mole, or a rat. Utah is known for something called "voles." But this didn't look like that either. It looked like a big fat hamster. My yard is full of these stupid little tunnels, holes, and dirt hills. Stinky spends hours and hours a day guarding the holes, waiting for his chance to pounce. Hopefully Little Tiny will be able to soon join him in ridding my yard of the little varmint! In other dead lawn news, I hired a boy today to mow the dandelions every week for me. Maybe some day there will be grass for him to mow too.


  1. I can finally put a face with the little.

  2. Oh, look how handsome Stinky is getting!

    And tiny has old man - wild eyebrow hairs!!

  3. She is very photogenic. Very adorable.


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