Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Aunties Adore Their Nephews

1. They pick us dandelions, and can barely contain their excitement when they present us with "lowlers."
2. They ask if it is snuggle time yet.
3. As soon as snuggle time is over they ask if it is tickle or wrestle time. 
4. They jump off things, run into things, and destroy things with total exuberance.
5. They fall asleep in the most peculiar of places.


  1. Isn't the flower thing adorable? I love it when Eli brings me flowers, even if it is the lilies. They look good out in the yard, but they look even better in their little hands when they deliver them and put them in the vase.

  2. I got a new nephew today. I'm so excited for it all! Most of my nephews live in Houston (I'm in Orem) - way too far away! This one's close though.

  3. Where exactly IS he? That's adorable!

  4. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Sisty Ugler here: He is in an over stuffed sleeping bag with a red plaid flannel interior. The sleeping bad is piled up on itself with the opening at the top. Porter is wearing a spider man pajama shirt and a spiderman cape. That sleeping bag is very comfortable place.


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