Sunday, May 24, 2009

And my life goes, FLIP, upside down!

I've know this day was coming for several weeks now. And I've been preparing for it. And here we are, at bedtime, on the big day where my life went flip, upside down, and you know what? It's all good. No stress, no freak outs, nothing. Its all good. (Ask me again this time next week, and I may not be so positive.)

First, I woke up to this degree of cuteness-
And how can you not LOVE that?? Big Kitty (Stinky) has insisted since birth on sleeping cheek to cheek with me. And Tiny Kitten has insisted on doing everything that Big Kitty does, with the exception of actually touching me, since day 1. So Big Kitty snuggles with me, and Tiny Kitty snuggles with Big Kitty, and we're all happy.

I extricated myself from the cuteness and went to pick this up from the airport-

That would be my brother Scott, aka Mancub! He's moving in with me for the next few months while he finishes up Air Force training, and gets shuffled around the country a bit. This was my first time to see him in uniform. Isn't my brother handsome?? (He doesn't look so happy here because a) he doesn't smile much for pictures, and b) the airline lost his luggage, and he had to spend all day in uniform.

We went first to Curry in a Hurry, which is pretty much my most favorite place to eat in all of Utah. $8 for Indian chicken curry? Hello! It was love at first sight! (And Mancub agreed. He liked it too!)

Next we picked up Little.Little's approval was essential for the next activity.

And then we picked out and took home-
This is Kaya, the new love of my life. She's about 3 years old, and half Aussie Shepherd, and half Doberman. She's got a shepherd coat, but a dobey body and markings. She's very smart, and knows how to sit, stay, and for some reason when I say "shake" she rolls onto her back for a bellyrub. So far she's perfectly housebroken!! She doesn't even jump onto the furniture. I can't pretend that the cats love her as much as I do, but to her credit, Kaya couldn't care less about the cats. Tiny Kitten has not stopped growling in hours. Her growl sounds a LOT like a motorcycle. Its equal parts cute and annoying after 6 nonstop hours. Also, Kaya is GREAT with Little, and Little is enamored of Kaya. 
The only negative thing to say about my first day as a dog owner is that Kaya likes to walk on my left, and really, I would prefer if she were to walk on my right. If that is the worst thing you have to say about your dog, you're in good shape, I think!
And I took this picture at the shelter too. I thought it was so cute!

Its Camo Kitten!

Right now Mancub is out with his woman, Kaya is curled up beside my bed (because she's too good to jump up on it with me), Tiny is curled up and growling right next to me (this may be the closest she's ever come to touching me!), and Big Kitty is out impregnating the sluttier cats of the neighborhood. 
And I am sitting here in my bed, contemplating all the changes coming my way. I have a roommate for the first time in 2 years. I live with my brother (there's a 12 years difference between us. I left for college when he was 6. We're not exactly used to living together.) THERE IS A BOY LIVING IN MY HOUSE. I have to actually wear pajamas now. I have a dog that will most likely require some early morning walking. And other major changes that I will share as they come along. 
I predict that zen like moments like this-
will be far and few between for a while!
But I am one step closer to Erin's Home for Stray Children, Siblings, and Pets, right? Next, I need a foster child, and a goat.
Ready? Set? GO!


  1. The goat will be great--you won't have to pay someone to mow anymore.

  2. My brother that is about 11 years younger lived with me one summer. It was great. He followed what "the old lady" said most of the time and it was good to get to know him better. Good luck!

  3. You'll love having a dog. Their great companions and SO loyal. We like the early warning system they are SO great at to, we know whenever anyone is coming up the drive.

  4. I love this post! you are so awesome.

    And yes, your brother is terribly handsome. Makes me feel like an old lady!!

    You are going to have one fun summer!!


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