Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At least we've been here before

Random aside from the girl that has to blog for work three times a day as it is-
Interesting that on blogspot, the "edit html" button is on the left, and compose is on the right. In both Typepad and Wordpress, its the other way around. Ergo, we know I blog way too many times a day.

Back to the real world, or at the very least, the world as I know it.

Let's talk about my love life, or lack thereof.

Here's the basic nutshell version.

That guy I was interested in for way too long? I'm over it. If anything, he suddenly annoys me. I'm tired of guys that never know how to step up the game. So very very tired of it.

Seriously, I think all of my dating experiences over thirty could be summed up this way. Either its a guy that comes on way too strong, in spite of my objections, or he's so freaking lazy that it takes forever just to get to know each other well enough to know we're not interested.

So then I've met another guy. He's great, he's funny, and he's interesting to me. The problem? He's just like all the other guys I know.

Let's look on the bright side, life is back to normal. A great guy showed interest in me, and sparked my interest. And now that I'm interested in him, he's either not interested in me anymore, or willingly doing nothing about it.

So here we are back at the familiar crossroads of my love life. Do I stick it out and see if "just friends" goes to "more than friends" in time? Make it painfully more obvious I'm interested? Or just walk away now before I spend another six months going nowhere with yet another guy?

All hypothetical questions. No need to answer.


  1. Make him engagement chicken. I've heard it works. Heh...

  2. Anonymous3:58 AM

    or there is option 3 just because we believe in monogamous marriages doesnt mean that we believe in serial monogamous dating. Date this new and interesting guy all while continuing to look and develop other prospects.
    It like cooking you have several dishes all started at different time so they all finish at about the same time to create a single meal but your working on several separate dishes at any given time. if you focus on one the others wont be done or they will be cold, or bitter or overdone or dry and the meal wont come together.
    I suggest that you play the field keep several guys on the hook start a harem(or whatever the male equivalent is)and then overtime weed them out till there was "you"

    just my .02$ not that it is worth much.

  3. Anonymous- if I there were any new guys around here to meet, trust me, I'd be building up a harem. Sadly, I almost never meet new men, which probably has a lot to do with why I so willingly stay interested in the ones that fail to cowboy up.

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    You are living in Utah. I find it hard to believe that there are not any men around. Wasnt this some of the reason that you chose to move there? Since you can do your work any where there is an internet connection you left your family and familiar environs to go to "Mecca" I heard about a report that there were more single guys in Utah than women so there should be plenty to pick from? Please do not take this as some kind of attack I have never lived in Utah(excepting a two and a half month stay confined to a several acre plot in Provo), I have no plans to do so, So I do not know the entirety of the situation there This is simply me pondering vocally (or rather visually)

    Now I will agree that the odds that any two people make a "love Connection" are incredibly slim as there are so many variables that play into the process. just finding a person that meets your base requirements is not easy, then add their base requirements, on top of those Herculean tasks include issues of spatial and temporal closeness as well as mental preparedness and acceptance.

    Though I gotta say it embitters me a bit when you place the entirety of the blame on the guy as it is they who "fail to cowboy up" Perhaps while your base requirements are met theirs are not, or perhaps there are time, space, or mental issues.

  5. Oh how I wish you were right, Anonymous Bitter One.

    I did not move to Utah for the plethora of men. If anything I only moved here because it contained one specific guy. And he's long gone. I didn't have this current job and freedom when I arrived here. And now that I do have the job and freedom, I think I'd rather leave. But because of my other goals in life, specifically foster parenting, I choose to stay.

    My current lifestyle makes it nearly impossible to meet new people. I am the only single in my ward of young marrieds. (At least as far as I know I am.) I work from home, and have few outside connections. And all my friends? Married with children. In other words, it is a rare blue moon that I encounter a new person, let alone a new person that is a desirable single male. Church activities you say? Let's go back to the part where I'm the only single in my ward. Where and how am I supposed to find these mythical activities? And when I do find one, it is a bit overwhelming to go to one alone.
    I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I know that somewhere here in Deseret there are supposedly lots and lots of men. But I do think that possibly, just maybe, that Census report included that contained 2 acre plot of land down in Provo you mentioned. And that alone could skew the numbers.

  6. I know EA... it stinks out there. I find that men just aren't even willing to make an effort.

    They'll emotigram me to death on a dating website - but they never make a move.

    It must be both of us... and none of the men.

    Personally, I think men are scared. Or clueless.
    Both options, pretty depressing.

  7. If indeed there are more single men in Utah than women (I don't believe it--every report I've seen, especially those confined to just Mormons, says that single women outnumber men here at least 3 to 1)--they're probably mostly college-age kids who are nowhere near who Erinannie would be looking to connect with.

    And anon, I'm not really sure what you're getting at, telling her to go date around. You can't exactly "date" anyone who isn't into dating you. No matter how many hints you drop or invitations you extend, if the other person is being squirrely, there's really nothing you can do.

  8. Single men in Utah are playa's. They know there are plenty of girls around, so when they are done playing around they can have their pick. Of course i'm generalizing, but seriously so many men there are lazy. Plain and simple. Then if women make a move they are threatened.
    Glad I found a good Utah man I could train up right :o)


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