Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 4 of Dog Ownership

Day 4 and I'm stilll loving my dog. She continues to be the perfect dog. She doesn't jump on the furniture, doesn't bark, doesn't chase the cats (birds are different- they have it coming!), etc. She's really perfect! I have discovered that if the dog thinks I'm asleep on the couch she will try and sneak up on the other couch. But she keeps a close on me while she does it. If I open just one eye and look at her, she quickly gets back down on the floor.
We walk, and we walk, and we walk! Right now our weather is perfect, so I'm enjoying the chance to take several walks a day with her. (I'm not enjoying walking around with dog poop in a baggy in my pocket though. I forgot how much I hate that.) I've even lost 1 whole pound with all the walking! We're averaging about 3 miles of walking a day. I'm thinking I need to get one of those little pedometer things so I can figure out how far I'm really going. I'll be in NYC later this week, and I'd love to measure how far I walk there too.
Kaya (the dog) did something funny on Monday. I took Kaya and Little out for a walk along the Jordan River Trail. It was a pretty long walk, but we had fun. Kaya is so good about staying right by me that we let her off the leash a time or two. The trail tends to be about 12-15 feet wide (and paved). Little would wander away from my side, putting some lateral space between us. Every time she did this, Kaya would walk on the other side of Little and slowly push her back over to me. I guess her "cattle herding" gene is alive and well.


  1. I may not be a fan of the dog, but I'm definitely a fan of walking along the JRT.

  2. Aw- what good protective girl she is!


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