Sunday, May 31, 2009

I want to be a part of it, NEW YORK NEW YORK

I'm exhausted. Completely and in every way exhausted. I have walked more than I ever thought possible. And then I walked some more.

I'll get around to a better travel review when I get back to Utah this week. For now, a very quick recap.

On Friday, I actually went into our company offices, and got to meet my co-workers for the first time! I have worked for my company for 7 months now, and this was my first time to meet any of my co-workers in person. It was a lot of fun to actually put names with faces and get a better feel for the company personality.

My mom and sister took the train up from Virginia to join me in the city. On Friday night we went to go see WICKED on Broadway!! You may not all be aware of the fact that I'm a huge musicals FREAK! If you have ever seen my interior decorating style, you probably have some indication of how much I love musicals. (I have dozens of Broadway record albums on my walls.) I've seen dozens of musicals on many major stages. But I have never actually seen a Broadway musical on Broadway before. Getting to see Wicked as my first show was a dream come true! More on how it was one of the best shows ever later.

Saturday was our company party, and the primary reason I was brought out here. Our company has a strong Indian culture (being primarily an Indian company and all), and our company party was also our CEO's daughter's 1st birthday. This was a huge over the top Indian celebration. There was Indian music, dancing, and FOOD!

The entire party was just gorgeous and was held at one of the most beautiful private clubs on Long Island.
I'll load more pictures later this week. The club was gorgeous. I may have gone overboard taking pictures of flowers I want to find and plant in my yard.
Saturday night Mom and I went for a very very long walk! We started from the Empire State Building and walked up to Rockefeller Center, where I went to Magnolia Bakery, which totally lived up to the hype, and then walked back to Penn Plaza/Station. My legs are tired.
And then today we went to church, and then took a cab up to Central Park. We walked around the park for a while and ended up at the Zoo. And then went to Chinatown and Little Italy. Where I ate and shopped. 
And now I am tired. Very very tired.

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  1. You should be. I'm tired just thinking about it from reading it. Sounds like fun though. I'd love to go to NY someday.


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