Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Let's Play Cupid

I've yet again reached that point where I am about to throw in the towel on all dating forever (again). (Seriously, if I were at liberty to really tell you what goes on with me and certain men these days, you'd want to just give it up too!) But before I do just give up, I thought we could all have a little fun. But first, I need to gauge participation in my potential experiment.
I have so many wonderful friends that I think deserve to meet someone. A lot of them are in situations like mine, where its next to impossible to meet new people. And I want to give them a chance and some exposure to meet someone. How will this work? You can nominate yourself, or someone you think is great, to be "set up" on the blog. And by "set up" I mean we maybe post a picture and a short profile on them. And if you happen to know someone who would be great for them, or who likes their type, etc, you email and tell me. Or you tell your friend to check out the great person on the blog and encourage them to do something about it.
Make sense?
This is where you start thinking of your brothers, brother in law, that nice guy in your ward that you never talk to because he's single, your old guy friend you always thought would be perfect for someone else (just not you), etc. I'm convinced all you married people actually do know single people, you just forget you do sometimes. So its time to remember them, stalk them, take their picture, and submit it to my blog. Or not. And just keep them in the back of your head and wonder if maybe they would make a good date for someone.
Who's with me? Who would like to meet new men? Who would like to help me and my friends meet new men? Who is a man who wants to meet new women? (all both of you out there) Who will willingly let me interview them and put them on my blog and tell the world why they are so great?


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    This may prove a bit interesting but by first thought is that you are trying to build up your on harem of guys to shop from and that the end result could leave you with a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth. My second thought was that divide between real and fake lives. Say this does work out isnt the likelihood given that your friends and followers are scattered over the entire planet that the best connection you can make would cause this new happy couple to only be able to communicate via binary code and telephone? Having said that I am interested in seeing how this works out.

  2. I'm afraid, yet I know I'll be by often to check out the parade of available ladies you feature on your blog.

  3. Great idea.
    This reminds me of the Beard Party I had years ago. The idea was for all of my girlfriends to bring their guy friends who were 'great guys' but not the right guy for them - and introduce them around.

    I did meet a guy from it... it didn't last. But that's just one example.

    Good luck with it.
    I'm not sure I'd be ready to be featured though. I mean really - I'm too old your crowd, no?

  4. Anonymous- if I wanted to build up my own harem of men, I'd be blatantly asking all my friends to send me men.

    Supercords- so you're saying you'll be my first male profile next week??

    And TRS- too old? Are you kidding me? You are totally getting spotlighted!


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