Saturday, May 02, 2009

My grandfather gives away 880 Books of Mormon

There's an interesting piece in this week about my grandfather, Vearl McBride. (Well, at least I think it is interesting!) He's nearly 90 years old and is still very much an active missionary for our church. He gives away a Book of Mormon almost daily. According to the article (written by a very credible source and "adopted" family member) he has given away 880 copies of the Book of Mormon!!

You won't read this in the article, but it is one of my favorite stories about my grandfather and his Book of Mormon sharing efforts. He really likes to eat out, particularly at the Waffle House. A while ago my dad joined him for breakfast at the Waffle House. My grandfather is getting to be an old man and doesn't move as fast as he used to, but when they got to the door to walk inside, he realized he didn't have a Book of Mormon on him, so he turned to go back to the car. My dad went inside to get a table. When Dad looked back outside he saw my grandfather giving a Book of Mormon to someone in the parking lot. So my grandfather then went back over to his car to get another book and bring it inside with him.

He's a well-known regular in the Waffle House apparently. He asked his waitress if he had already given her a copy, and she said yes. She then pointed out someone in the restaurant he hadn't yet met! So he went over and shared a copy with a new waitress. The old waitress then turned to my dad and said something to the effect of how the new girl had been waiting for Mr. McBride to come in so she could get her copy of the book.

(For those of you who read yesterday, and saw my disclaimer that I had to verify the facts, I did. And surprisingly, I had them right!)


  1. That is a cute story. Share it again when you get all the details! :^D

  2. i read the article too. good for him. we have a lot to learn about not having any fear to share our religion with others.

  3. What a wonderful example! There is a special place for him in Heaven. :)

  4. Very cool! Huge stud in my book :)

  5. Wow, your grandpa is a great example - very cool.


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