Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember Me to Herald Square

Did I mention I'm in NYC? Because I am in NYC. I'm here for work, where I actually get to finally meet my bosses and my co-workers. I've worked here for 6 (almost 7) months, and I've never met any of my co-workers before! I'm excited to finally meet these people and feel a little bit more like part of the team.

Did you know Prince Harry is coming to NYC tomorrow? Is this Fate? I think so!

I've been Twittering my trip all day, and will continue to Twitter throughout the trip on my both my @erinannie personal account and my work account. My hotel room free internet connection pretty much sucks, so uploading pictures is just not an option. So instead of posting pics, I'm going to post links to my Twitpic account. And all my little Twitters from throughout the day.

6am Utah time - TSA just stopped these micro thin flip flops and made me xray them. Seriously??

11 am Central time

Just landed for my layover. Have less than 20 mins to race across one of the largest airports in the US. No big deal!

11:45 Central time

Have mercy! Something stinks on this plane! Are you following my trip as I tweet from my @cheapoair alter ego?

4 pm Eastern time

Landed! Time to go start serenading tourists with my favorite broadway tunes!

4:30 Eastern time

Sitting in an NYC taxi, totally blocking traffic. I'm living the nyc cabbie stereotype!   

5 pm Eastern time - Empire State Bldg as seen from a cab!

6 pm Eastern time - 5 day trip, 5 pairs of shoes. (What? Stop looking at me like that!)

6 pm Eastern time

Not in NYC a full 2 hrs and I'm already shopping at my favorite stores.

7 pm Eastern time - Time for a slice and a coke- NY style!

May need to get another slice of pizza. That was too good and I'm still starving.

8 pm Eastern time

Gotta love west- east jet lag. Leaving hotel to go out and... Work in a starbucks?

9 pm Eastern time - A what massage?? - Bright lights, big city! - Times Square!

10 pm Eastern time

Exhausted. Jet lagged. Need to finish a report for my meeting tomorrow (the whole reason I am here), and GO TO BED!          

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  1. "Give my regards to Broadway."

    I worked for a company for a year and met my boss once. It was pretty cool meeting everyone. It just solidified the relatinships, but it was funny how well the relationships already went the year before where we hadn't yet met.

    Have fun!


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