Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome Interns

I'm interviewing potential interns this week. They have been challenged to show me that they have the skills required to do the job by searching on a few key terms I gave them to find my personal Twitter and blog. So Interns, if you are here, you found the right place. Leave me a comment below to get the credit!!


  1. Hey, it's Nathan Leong. I never lose a challenge. I found YOU!!!!! Nice Blogs.

  2. ....can I be an intern and get credit for finding you please??

  3. I want to be an intern too!!

  4. Victoria9:28 PM

    So I found you!! Which I think I had an unfair advantage because I knew your middle/full name was Erin Ann.
    And I found you on facebook as well..i like how you want to travel the world. I was abroad last semester so I am obsessed with traveling!
    And thanks for the challenge! Gave me something to look forward to!


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