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Why I am Going to Bed at 9:30 pm Tonight

Saturday- pulled a float in a parade. Yes. Pulled. A float with kids on it.
Went grocery shopping. Spent $160, saved $44 using coupons, plus qualified for a free tank of gas.
Took Little to a pick your own cherry farm. Picked 10.5 lbs of cherries. That's a lot of freaking cherries. Oh yeah, and took the dog too.
Stopped by the Sweet Tooth Fairy for a va-nie-illa cupcake to celebrate Nie's birthday. Let me just say, Little and I haven't stopped talking about those cupcakes since. Totally lived up to the hype!
Got home, changed clothes, took a fast shower, and left for the Real Salt Lake Game.
Watched the most awesome Real game this year.
Walked the dog.
Watched JONAS.
Had "girl time" with Little.
Pitted and sliced approximately 5 lbs of cherries. That's a lot of freaking cherries. 
Got to bed very very late.
Got me and the kid up for 8:30 am church.
Came home made 2 from scratch cherry pies.
Watched Princess Protection Program.
Had a random dog run in our h…

Sometimes you just have to believe in Divine Intervention...

... either that, or that Misty and I manage to attract the strangest experiences together.

I'm willing to say that I believe that tonight was Divine Intervention.

Let me start at the beginning of the night!

I invited Misty out for a girls night of Curry in a Hurry and a movie in SLC. I grabbed our food en route, picked her up, and we rushed (because I was running late) to the movie. We bought our tickets, where I swear to you I would never have intentionally bought front row, floor level tickets, and that there wasn't a completely empty row 2 rows above us, and rushed inside the theater.

When we got inside, having snuck our incredibly stinky curry in with us, we realized that we had bought seats in the handicapped row, and that everyone would see our contraband curry. So we moved up a few rows and sat in someone else's seats. (for those who don't know, most of the big theaters in Utah have assigned seating.) I do recall seeing the woman in a red shirt in a wheelchair righ…

And now for something NOT about MJ

I discovered this priceless gem of a video today. It may not be funny dancing, but it did make me smile, and the kids are adorable. So here is your "happy dance" video of the day, sans the dancing.

Little Lady Lessons

For the past few months, "Little" and I have been discussing holding some "Little Lady Etiquette Lessons." These aren't necessarily for her. But because she and I have both noticed a serious lack in certain manners in a lot of the girls that we know. And now that summer is finally here, it is time for me to actually plan out what should be taught.

Right now I'm thinking-
Formal table manners- how to chew with your mouth closed, which tableware to use, and when, how to properly pass and request items at the table, etc.
Hygiene- how often a girl should shower once she's reached a certain point in life, how to properly dispose of feminine products, how often you should change panties, etc.
High Heels, Crossing Your Legs, and How to Avoid Pulling a Britney- granted, I won't call it "pulling a Britney" when I explain to the girls how to get out of a car without flashing your goodies.
Nail care- how to keep their fingernails nice and clean

Am I …

I RATHER feel like expressing myself now!

Yes, more happy dancing.

Drum Roll Please...

You know what? This is such a big happy moment, I think it deserves a happy dance. Please pause for the Dance of Joy! (yes, its a repeat, but really, is this not the best Dance of Joy EVER??)

Now, for the reason that we do the dance of joy!

As of 6:15 pm today, I finally - FINALLY - finished my foster care application! The whole thing is finally done. The physical, the background check, the fingerprinting, the paperwork, even getting the cashier's check! FINALLY! Now, assuming I can find stamps somewhere in my house tomorrow, they will go out in tomorrow's mail!

Back By Popular Demand - The McBride Family Tribute to Dad

In case you missed it, this is the same post we ran last year for Father's Day. Its back by popular demand (by my sisters who probably also sent belated gifts to our dad!)

Dear Dad,
For Father's Day we got together and decided to show you all of the ways we are glad you are our father. This is far from a complete list of everything you have done for us. But we hope you enjoy the pictures and the memories with us!

Erin, Natalie, and Steph (and Scott, even though we didn't ask for his input)

Thanks for never being embarrassed to have fun with us.
Thanks for teaching us the chicken song. It comes in handy at dinner parties.

Thank you for always calling me your little princess.

Thank you for letting me think the cats were buried by I-66. Even though I don't know why that is a comforting thought.

Thank you for always reading with us. Even when you were tired.

Thanks for making our house the coolest in the neighborhood by being the first one with a "tramp."

(Sorry about…