Thursday, June 04, 2009

And the Beat Goes On...

Let's see how many posts I can start with a relevant song lyric as the title. I bet if I stick to it, I could always do it. I'm trying hard to get back into the groove and swing of things ever since life flipped upside down. Seriously, this has been a lot of chaos, even for me. The brother, the dog, a holiday, extra work, and a 5 day business trip, (just to come home and have to re-adjust to life with the brother and dog). Oh and did I mention the brother doesn't have a car, so we've been trying to balance out how we work the same hours, 30 miles apart, while sharing the car? Ha. Yeah, not as easy as it sounds.
Did I mention pretty much all of my flowers died while I was in NYC? I can't remember. All that work, and now I have the loveliest plant cemetery in the neighborhood. So I went out and bought a bunch more plants and started over again. AGAIN. I planted some jasmine, delphinium, and a new hydrangea bush. The jasmine is right by the front door and with every breeze the scent blows into the room. I love it. I want to plant 10 more of them now and all around the house! The hydrangea bush went into a new spot by the back door where it has lots of room to grow huge. I have high hopes for that thing! I transplanted a few of the mostly dead plants into new spots along the back of the house, just in case they want to come back to life. Oh and my watermelon and tomato plants have not died. In fact, I even have tiny little tomatoes growing already! Its a little late in the game, but I'm thinking of starting some square foot gardening.
Oh, and I may be crazy considering the cost and my track record, but I'm thinking/wanting/wishing to dig a large island garden spot in the side yard (my house is on the corner, and therefore my side yard is the largest portion of the yard and is seen the most), and put either an arborum or bench in it with some wisteria above it.
Something like this, monkey optional-

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