Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Happy Dance? Wow, I Must Be Really Happy This Week.

yes, another happy dance. let's hope there's a happy dance every day this week. let's hope we get sick and tired of seeing happy dances! let's hope youtube runs out of happy dances for me to post! wouldn't that be great?

And yes, this one is a bit on the long side. And it's not the funniest, or happiest dance of them all. But its cute and fun, and in an odd way supports our troops (even if just reminding us they are there), and in my own special way, supports my brother who leaves me this week for five weeks of "get your butt kicked by the Air Force" training.

Hmm... my brother is a pretty funny dancer (because he's a great dancer and knows how to move it, move it). Maybe I can get him to be my next happy dancer??

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  1. Erin, you're so good at what you do! How can I advertise my blog better? Will you read it and give me some suggestions? I really want to make a difference with it. I love your blog, and I know you're really talented. P.S. How exciting that you're posting happy dances! Send me a sage and tell me abt what's making you so happy!


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