Friday, June 12, 2009

Arlington: The Rap

For my Arlington friends- laugh with me. You'll get it.

For my non-Virginia friends- maybe this little video will help explain why I am the way I am. This video couldn't be more true and real if it tried. I love it.

What I really love is that I the majority of it was shot just a few blocks from my old apartment in Courthouse/Clarendon. And that I can actually recognize the majority of the Starbucks locations. And the green line? PRICELESS.

Oh, and now I'm seriously craving some Whitlows.


  1. That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

    -Currently a Springfield resident.

  2. hysterical. i'm with you--totally jonesing for 1/2 price burger night at whitlows! and SO true about the greenline. we may move back next summer and doug's office would be in GREENBELT to which i told him no way in hell would we be living close to his office! fun stuff, erin.

  3. Awesome!!!
    Sending this to friends in DC!!

  4. We've never even been to Arlington, but laughed hysterically!

  5. Oh my word! I am laughing out loud alone in my living room. It is so funny and so true. I am totally re-using this one.

  6. Man! I cannot get enough of this... it's fantastic!
    What a great lyricist he is!

    Love the Starbucks bit!

  7. Hilarious! I've been to most of those places, although never actually inside most of the Starbucks. But it was very cute.


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