Friday, June 12, 2009

Life With the Furballs

As you know, I now am the proud mommy of three furballs. You may call them pets. I call them furbabies or furballs. I liked having just the one cat in my little apartment. I liked my cat even more once we moved into the bigger house and the cat could roam around more and go outside and not demand my full-time attention. That cat currently goes by the name of Stinky.
Stinky still believes I am just a less furry appendage of his. He still sleeps ON me every night, talks to me, and demands that he be the favorite animal.
That doesn't go over so well with the dog. Kaya is a big believer that size matters. As the largest of the furbabies, Kaya thinks she deserves to sit closest to me. Kaya is also part Australian Cattle Dog, and likes to herd things. This can get pretty amusing. She likes to "herd" the cats into a room, which generally I am in. Which means the cats feel compelled to sit ON me, both because they've been backed into a corner, and for protection from the dog. Kaya then likes to block their path, effectively herding them into one spot. Have you ever tried to herd kittens? It doesn't work.
Without fail, as soon as Kaya sees that the cats are sitting on me, she realizes that is unacceptable. She has to be the closest thing to me. So she comes over and sits at my feet and tries to put her head in my lap. The cats DO NOT like this. While they do not fight, there are strict lines about how close the dog may get to the cats. He gets too close, and the cats get up and bolt and run for it.
And this starts the herding process all over again. Kaya has to get up and go find the cats and start herding them all over again.
Tonight as I sat here working Stinky was sitting on his throne (my shoulder) while I typed, and Kaya was busy sleeping like dogs do in the middle of the floor. Tiny made the mistake of crossing Kaya's path and waking her up. Kaya then proceeded to realize that Tiny needed to be herded over to Stinky. This only  happens with Tiny, because Stinky refuses to acknowledge the dog's presence. Kaya then chased the kitten all over creation. On the couch, behind the tv, through the kitchen, back over the couch, under my legs, etc. Finally the kitten made a break for it and ran up the stairs, Kaya hot on her heels. Stinky couldn't dare to be left out and raced up the stairs as well.
Against my better judgment, I went to investigate. The cats ran for the back bedroom (the purple gumball room if you must know). Dumb cats! There's only one way out of that room. So Kaya has draped herself across the doorway, so that the cats are appropriately herded inside. There's a lot of crying and meowing coming from that room. The cats want out. Kaya wants a treat for doing what her instincts told her to do.
I just want to go to bed, but I can't because you don't want to know what sort of territory marking and herding goes on when I go to bed. I'm too tired to deal with it all right now!

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