Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Lady Lessons

For the past few months, "Little" and I have been discussing holding some "Little Lady Etiquette Lessons." These aren't necessarily for her. But because she and I have both noticed a serious lack in certain manners in a lot of the girls that we know. And now that summer is finally here, it is time for me to actually plan out what should be taught.

Right now I'm thinking-
Formal table manners- how to chew with your mouth closed, which tableware to use, and when, how to properly pass and request items at the table, etc.
Hygiene- how often a girl should shower once she's reached a certain point in life, how to properly dispose of feminine products, how often you should change panties, etc.
High Heels, Crossing Your Legs, and How to Avoid Pulling a Britney- granted, I won't call it "pulling a Britney" when I explain to the girls how to get out of a car without flashing your goodies.
Nail care- how to keep their fingernails nice and clean

Am I missing anything? We're going to have girls UNDER 13 years old. So we'll not be discussing how to talk to boys (like I could really teach that class anyway), and proper dating behaviors.

Little and I are thinking we should have a slumber party for our etiquette lessons. I'm thinking we have a little lady bootcamp at night, a silly girly movie, sleep, and then in the morning a little fashion show, or tea party with their mothers where they can show off their new skills.

Anyone want to send me their 7-13 year olds? (Jules- we can make an age exception for Andi if you think she would want to come too.)


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I would add that much of life's bitterness with young ladies could be avoinded by learing the lessons early about the negitive nature being petty and catty. Many of the neatest women I know hate having girlfriends and would much rather be "one of the boys" because of the cattiness and positional politics of girl group dynamics. Additionally most guys I know really dislike this aspect of women.

  2. jules3:18 AM

    Cali is in. This will soooo good for her. The poor kid is as graceful as her mother.

  3. This sounds so fun! Can I come?

  4. I wish I could send my 8 (almost 9) year old daughter. The "eating with your mouth closed" thing is really getting to me.


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